my boy

The past two Saturdays, Russ and Taylor have gone to the USC football games while Caleb and I stayed behind (the first attempt at taking Caleb to a game this season ended with me sitting in the car for the second half with a sleeping baby).  Even though I have missed being with my family at the games, I have loved the one-on-one time with Caleb (and the extra sleep).   We haven’t really had that since he started going to daycare in March.  He is just hilariously cute – if I could have another just like him, I totally would (except at 4:45 pm when he’s hungry and tired and inconsolable, at that time, one of him is more than plenty).  But most of the time…LOVE HIM!

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  1. So cute! I love the practice swings:-D…..and that laugh!

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