Taylor is 4.  It’s pretty awesome.  We were all pretty excited.  It’s been a party all week and doesn’t really stop until Thursday when we take her to Disney on Ice (in lieu of a party because OMG with all the other weekend plans!)

So, this is how we celebrate FOUR!

Poor girl had to make her own cupcakes for her school party:

pink for the girls; blue for the boys

Russ had to work 4-10pm on her birthday so we couldn’t do a big birthday dinner.  We did a family birthday breakfast instead and even sang for her.


She had a fun day at school going on a field trip and having cupcakes with her friends.  Then more celebrating at home.  She was a bit tired of me taking pictures by this point in the day, but at least tried to humor me.

While Taylor approached her cupcake with the daintiness of a girl and the patience of a four year-old, Caleb devoured his with the complete reckless abandon of a one year-old boy.

The fun continued on Saturday when Pops and Grammy came to her soccer game and gifted her with her first bike.  She was pretty excited.

I’d say we can call birthday #4 a success.  It’s hard to believe that’s she’s already 4, learning to read and write, playing soccer, taking dance classes, beating Grammy at Memory, developing her own style and picking out all her own clothes, giving herself a bath, making up sing-songy prayers at meals and bedtimes, making her own cupcakes, going to sleep without any battles, doing homework, learning how to ride a bike, and so much more.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like it was a HUGE success! I especially like the contrast of the cupcake eating… too funny!

  2. She really is beating me….I’m not letting her win

  3. Wow! That’s amazing, she is so grown up, beautiful, sweet and smart! Like her momma!

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