After the difficult morning we had on Thursday, we turned things around in the afternoon.  Taylor got in the car when I picked her up from school and sweetly said, “Mommy, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening this morning”  (GAH) Then we went shopping for the gift exchange for her class and our angel tree gifts.  She was a big help and put a lot of thought into the gifts she picked out.

Then after dinner, we went to watch a middle school girls basketball game to see one of her buggies (a strange name she has for the middle school girls at church) do her thing.  I thought it would be cool to show her girls playing basketball to help balance the princessness.  Russ was also on board (obviously).  But Russ was supposed to meet us there and help with the kids and take Caleb home early if he got cranky.  This did not happen.  Instead, I was at the basketball game by myself with both kids. (you know this is not going to end well, right?)

Caleb actually did ok, he was pretty into all of the action.  Taylor, however, hated the buzzer that went off with every start, time out, foul, etc.  After 5 minutes of play, she covered her ears and started crying, asking if the buzzer was done yet.

I guess she won’t be playing basketball.  It was already unlikely with her vertical disadvantage (she’s only in the 15th percentile for height), and now she’s scared of the buzzer.

Anywho…we left.  and this conversation happened.

Taylor:  Mommy, why did the buzzer keep going off?
Me:  The buzzer goes off whenever there is a foul.
Taylor:  But why are their owls in basketball.
Me:  Not owl, foul, with an f.  A foul is when someone isn’t following the basketball rules.  The buzzer goes off when the players break the rules.
Taylor:  But why don’t they follow the rules?  They should follow the rules.
Me:  Yes, they should.
Russ calls – I tell him the story.  She interupts:
“Owl rhymes with foul”  and breaks into laughter.
Taylor:  Mommy, why are their fouls in basketball?
Me:  You’ll have to ask your daddy when we get home
Taylor:  I want to play basketball when I’m a teenager.  When I’m a teenager, I won’t be scared of the buzzer anymore.
Me:  That’s good.

She may drive me crazy, but she’s a pretty awesome kid.

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