The kids have been over the top with their cuteness lately.  I think maybe they are filled with the Christmas spirit.

They have both been sleeping past 6:00 am most mornings (which may sound early to you, but for us, it’s like sleeping in).  Sunday, they even slept until almost 7:00 am!  Kids are so much cuter at 7:00am.

This morning, Caleb was crying because I walked out of the room (which is a fun topic for another post), and Taylor came over and let him hold her favorite stuffed kitties, Smokey and Pumpkin.  He pulled them close to his chest, stopped crying, and then reached out his other arm and gave her his dinosaur (which is his favorite item of all time).  Brother and sister sharing!  Without prompting!  It was amazing.

And a few nights ago, they danced together:

A few days before that, they helped me clean up – the both of them, together – in their pjs.  Little warms my heart more than little people cleaning up.  Especially for Caleb who applauds himself each time he finishes a cleaning task.

Gah, I love them.


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