Paging Dr. Taylor

I don’t know if Taylor’s gene pool predisposes her to having a knack for diagnosing herself or not, but she does have it coming from both sides.  My great grandfather was Dr. Taylor….he was my paternal great grandfather and delivered my maternal grandfather in the small town where both of my parents grew up.  Fun trivia.  And we all know that Russ is THIS CLOSE to being an MD.

Last night (this morning?) at about 12:30 am, Taylor stumbled into our room and said she had a headache.  I got up felt her forehead and tucked her back into bed.  At about 1:30 am, she strutted back in (as if she had been awake the entire previous hour contemplating what she would say), and declared, “Daddy, I need some water, and some honey for my cough and some medicine on my chest”  So Russ got up and met her requests and tucked her back into bed.  She coughed a bit for the next hour or so, but finally drifted into a deep sleep and then slept late – all the way until 6:30am!

After breakfast, she said she didn’t feel good, but she looked and acted completely fine.  I felt her forehead again and told her to get dressed for school.  On the way to get her shoes on, she said.  “I have a fever.  I’m not going to play today at school.  I’m just going to sit down and rest because I’m sick and I don’t want to get my friends sick”.  I thought that was a pretty interesting statement, but still, she was acting and looking fine…and her forehead still felt normal, so we sent her into school.

Then at 11:30am, I get the phone call from her school that she has a temperature of 103 and it was still climbing!

Poor thing had a fever and chills…was completely flushed…and just so pitiful.  She fell asleep on the way home from an errand and would not wake up for the next couple of hours.  But almost-doctor-dad came to her rescue and took great care of her this afternoon/evening.  I hope she’s on the mend.

But for now, I’ve learned my lesson – I need to trust her when she says she doesn’t feel good.  Well, at least until she’s a teenager and faking sick to get out of going to school.

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  1. Dr. Taylor was actually your great-great grandfather…Papa’s grandfather. That’s really amazing that she knew she had a fever…
    Don’t forget the nurses in her family tree;-)

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