First of all, the picture could be a stand alone post, because, come on, those are some cute kids – all looking at the camera and looking happy at the same time – a first in their 18M of coexistence.

But I need to tell you the story behind the massive bruise between Taylor’s eyebrows.

It’s massive.

And noticeable.

On Wednesday, her teachers asked her what happened.  She responded “I ran into Daddy’s booty”.  They of course were confused and needed clarification when we arrived to pick her up.   Russ begins the story by saying “I wish”.

Whathadhappenedwas we went to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday night.  Taylor was pushing around one of the kid sized carts and got a little too eager and starting running with the cart.  Russ stopped in the produce section, Taylor followed him, but did not stop.  So she ran the cart into his backside.   The cart stopped, but still she did not.  The momentum caused her head to smack into the handle of the cart.   She starts bawling, and Russ tries to comfort her telling her “It’s ok, I’m not mad – it was an accident.”…thinking she was crying because she felt bad that she hit him, not realizing until a few minutes later that she had a large red knot on her forehead.

So, her story was true, but she left out the cart part, leading people to wonder if her Daddy in fact had rock hard hind parts.

2 Responses

  1. that is funny! I wonder if Russ’ hindparts fared as well as Taylor’s forehead 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Wow. Kids do indeed say the darnedest things! The good news is, I never would have noticed the bruise in the picture if you hadn’t brought it up! Also, if Russ did have “rock hard hind parts,” the bruise would probably be much worse!

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