Today was a great day.  I have come out of the funk I was in and even let go of Taylor’s hand a few times today while we played around Charleston.  Thanks internets for letting me getting it out there – it really did help.  That and some really good quality family time.

Playing in Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park

Looking for dolphins and boats on the pier at Waterfront Park

Looking at crabs at the Shem Creek Park

It also helped to know the timing of everything yesterday.  My mom sent me a text last night:

You aren’t going to believe this.  I looked back at my phone calls and times.  I remember putting on my wet watch and telling you it was 20 til 11 after we got back from the tidal pool.  I called Pops at 10:46 to say we couldn’t find Taylor.  That was after 911 was called and after we searched for what I thought was 15 minutes.  I called them back at 10:52 to say she had been found.

Y’all, that’s just crazy.  This means that she was missing for less than 10 minutes, even though it felt like hours.   She was still sitting on the blanket in front of us when my mom told me what time it was.   And several minutes passed from the time we found Taylor until Grammy called Pops back (we were a otherwise preoccupied squeezing the four year-old goodness out of Taylor, crying, and hugging strangers).  For some reason that makes the guilt soften a little.

But poor Pops and Russ.  They were doing some work on Pops and Grammy’s house 15 minutes away when Grammy called.  Russ was on a ladder.  We are glad he didn’t break his legs when he jumped down.  Then they jumped curbs and broke other traffic laws trying to get to us as quickly as possible.   Which, unfortunately was not quick at all, because they got caught by the draw bridge onto the island.  But, fortunately, Grammy had called them before then, so they didn’t get out of the car and swim across.

The memory is starting to feel much less raw now, so that’s good.  And I have a newfound appreciation for my girl and our time together, even when she’s driving me crazy.  It’s all a dreamy gift.

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