I was supposed to be working on my sermon today, but around lunchtime I got some writer’s block and decided to leave my post at Panera to go play at Target.  I was getting quite frustrated because they are remodeling and nothing is where it is supposed to be.  Then I saw this little girl, maybe 6 or 7, crying and looking around as if she were looking for someone.  So I stopped put my hand on her shoulder and asked her if she was trying to find her mom. Immediately, she stopped crying as if she trusted me and knew she would be ok, and said “My grammy.”  So I found out what she looked like and what they were doing at Target today as we walked down the aisle looking for her Grammy on our way to where the closet Target associate was standing.  Fortunately, we found her Grammy just three aisles down from where we started, and she ran to her.  It must not have been long, because the Grammy was still reading the label on something and hadn’t noticed her granddaughter wasn’t there.

But as soon as she ran from me to her Grammy the events of Saturday flooded back in my mind, and I started tearing up again…the first time since Sunday night.

I’m glad both situations had good outcomes, but come on, what are the odds?


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