I’m a week into my three-month sabbatical.  So far, it doesn’t so much feel like a sabbatical.  It’s a good thing I three months because I think it’s going to take some practice to get this Sabbath thing down.  I’ve got big BIG plans, you know, for going to the beach by myself with a chair and a book, and cashing in my nine Pilates sessions certificate and my massage certificate, and gardening, and seeing old friends, and sleeping, hanging out with the kids a lot one-on-one, etc. etc.  BIG plans.

Bus so far, it’s been not so restful.  Let’s recap:

I spent Sunday tying up all my lose ends so that I could really turn off my work brain beginning the next morning.  I stayed up until 11:00 pm sending e-mails and making notes.  Then once I turned my computer off, it stayed off until 30 minutes ago.  So much discipline.

Monday morning I got up early to head to the hospital to hang out with my parents while my dad had a heart cath and stint placed to open up an 80% blockages.  He is doing great, and we are all glad the doctors finally listened to him – he’s been telling them for two years he needed a cath.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent helping Russ put tile in our kitchen and foyer to replace the hardwoods post moisture problems.  This is when the injuries began.  I sliced my finger on something (a tile maybe) and had sore needs and hands.

Thursday, I got the plague….some crazy stomach bug that came and went quickly, but was not pretty.  I won’t give you the details except to tell you that I lost six pounds that day.

Friday was ok.  We did a few finishing touches around the house, then had lunch with my parents after returning dad’s truck.  I don’t know if it was the company, the food (fresh shrimp right off the creek), the ambiance (sitting on the deck overlooking Shem Creek and the shrimp boats coming in being chased by pelicans and dolphins), the weather (a warm and breezy afternoon), or a combination, but it was quite possibly the BEST meal I’ve ever had.   That evening took a turn, however, with more injuries.  I sliced another finger while cleaning the glass shelves that go in our china cabinet.  Then whilst grating soap for the homemade laundry detergent (I KNOW!), I grated the side of my thumb.  Then next morning, I used hand sanitizer and nearly cried.

Saturday, we packed up and headed to Columbia for a weekend with Russ’ family, which was hectically lovely. Sunday morning, I didn’t work.  That was pretty great.  Russ was asked to teach a Sunday school class at his home church on Faith and Medicine as part of their Science and Religion summer series.  He did a pretty great job (those eight years of post-college schooling paid off, he actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about!).  Then we all worshiped together.  Taylor was glued to me the whole time.  I think she got how special it was.  Then we got back to Russ’ dad’s house and all took naps.  On a Sunday!!  It was glorious.  Taylor was the only one who didn’t sleep, but she did spend the afternoon cuddled up next to me on the couch while I slept.  Intuitive, that one.

Then Sunday night rolled around.  We had a cookout with Russ’ dad, stepmom, brother, sister-in-law, 2 nephews, 1 niece, step-sister, step-brother-in-law, and step nephew.  It was wild and crazy.  The kids were all playing on a slip and slide outside.  Taylor had to use the bathroom, but was too dirty to go inside, so Russ took her to the bushes.  Next thing I know, Caleb is holding poop in his hand that he has already smeared all over his stomach and face.  GROSSSSS!  So while Taylor is still peeing in the bushes, I am hosing Caleb down with dishsoap in the yard.  Fun times.  Then I got a beer.  A few minutes later Taylor decided she needed to go to the bathroom AGAIN (I guess it was just so fun the first time).  Her three year-old cousin followed her to the bushes and next thing we know, both girls are nekked and squealing and running into the yard.  Then I had another beer.  Then I asked my pregnant step-sister-in-law if she was excited about having two kids.

This morning we took our kids and our neice to the zoo which was super fun,




but exhausting, as exhibited by my passengers on the ride home.


And during all this time, I’m a darn USC fan, so I’ve had to stay up late to watch the College World Series many a night this week, which is what I’m doing right now.

So I’m still tired at the beginning of week two of sabbatical.  Here’s hoping this week includes more Sabbath rest.


4 Responses

  1. Sometime being crazy productive makes the rest that much sweeter. Soak it in!

  2. Still… i don’t like how much you accomplish on a regular basis… please start slacking off so the rest of us (read:me) can feel better about ourselves! And if you need lessons in that area, come visit any time… we have plenty of beer (and tequila… and wine…) we are prepared for visitors! (Minus a clean house of course). Happy Sabbatical!!!

  3. Can we work in a Brave girls’ day this week?

    • I don’t like the “Girls’ Days” you plan with Ryleigh and me. I think Grammy and Dorothy should haul the kids to the upstate and enjoy beautiful Greenville, SC for a few days. If you did it the week of “Cow Appreciation Day,” that would be spectacular! We could be the weirdos who hit up 5 Chick fil a restaurants to score several free meals. That sounds super fun!!

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