Just another Thursday

Today was one of those days when I wished that there was a hidden camera to capture all of the funny moments, because Russ and I were cracking up most of the day at these crazy kids.

We started the day continuing to brainwash our children and to teach them the importance of USC Football.  It’s Game Day, BABY!

At some point, Caleb threw a pencil under the bookshelf, and a grape rolled back out (at exactly the same place the pencil went in, as if someone/something under the bookshelf just traded with Caleb).  I did not check to make sure.

Then we went to the dentist, which was good fun for everyone.  We all survived at least.  Then I took Caleb to school where we found that he and his BFF had on matching USC jerserys – that kid has good taste in friends.  We have to work on Taylor though, her BFF is a Clemson fan, leading Taylor to naively suggest that she could like both teams.  Whatevs.

Then at dinner, the kids brought the crazy out.  Russ was cutting a lime for his Corona (perhaps this is why we thought everything was SO funny), and Caleb asked for one.  He proceded to suck a bit of lime juice, lick his hand, then take a sip of milk.  No lie.  Now I need to figure out who he’s hanging out with that would teach him such things.  Then he insisted on putting the lime in his milk.  CHEERS!

In the midst of the crazy dinner conversation, Taylor asked some theological questions like, “What if God didn’t give us booties?” And “When will the end of the world be?” And while watching THE GAME, Russ was pointing out who Steve Spurrier was, and she said, “Oh the one with the ear muffs” This kid, I swear!

Caleb was left unattended for a while in Taylor’s room and emerged looking like this (those are headbands):

Also, this happened:

I really identify with these people, like REALLY!

The coupons!  The counting to 3! The trading in the car for a sadan!  Rolling in the minivan!

2 Responses

  1. Oh my….Caleb with the lime! Where would he have seen that?! And did Taylor have sugar?

  2. I think the lime was sour and he was just trying to get the taste off his tongue, but it sure did look funny. And Taylor did NOT have any sugar…that’s just natural craziness

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