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This is Lucky, the wonder dog.  We do not have a pet because they need time and money, neither of which we have right now.  This makes me sad because before getting married I ALWAYS had pets.  always.  I really like them.  (of course, my mom would probably say that I liked them because I never really had to take care of them).  But I think pets are good for kids growing up.  And Piglet LOVES dogs.

My sister and brother-in-law threatened offered to get her a real dog for her birthday because she just adores their dog Abby and gets so very excited to see her whenever we go to their house.  Don’t tell them, but I actually think she gets more excited about seeing Abby than seeing them.

fall 09 042

They did not get her a real puppy, but really I don’t think she knows the difference.  She LOVES Lucky.  She thinks he is just hilarious.  She got him on Saturday at her party.  Sunday afternoon, she woke up from her nap and kept saying, “mucky” over and over again.  I thought she was saying “monkey” and couldn’t figure out what she wanted.  Then a light went off and I realized she was looking for her new BFF.

They have really been inseparable.  She has to be near him.  He has to watch her eat and go to the potty.  She carries him from room to room.  If she can’t find him, she wanders around saying, “Mucky, where are you?”.  While on the way home from school everyday, she starts asking for “Mucky” and I tell her that Lucky is waiting for her at home and has missed her while she was gone.  So she runs inside and finds him and hugs him as if she hasn’t seen him in years, her long lost pal.   Each morning when we leave, she tries to take him with her, but  I have to convince her to let him stay home because he’s tired.

She takes him into her play kitchen to get him some water.  She knows the trick to wake him up (turn him on).   She picks him up and hugs him.  She is slowly learning the commands to make him do tricks.  He can “sing a song”, “come here”, “sit”, “lay down”, and even “put ’em up” – and when you say “bang bang” he falls over.  This is what she finds most hilarious.  That and when he’s been ignored for a few minutes, he toots and says “uh-oh” in Scooby-Do fashion.  That, my friends, is the funniest thing EVER in two-year-old world.

Russ’ favorite command is “Lucky, go to sleep” because he just keeps barking when he’s awake.  (Kathryn did apologize to us for giving her the dog because of this and kept assuring us that we could turn him off).  But before he goes into sleep mode, he snores.  really loudly.  And this just gets Piglet intrigued and amused again, and she wakes him back up.  And the fun and hilarity (and noise) begins again.


We had lots of fun and good food at Piglet’s party on Saturday.  It was much more low-key than her first.  It was just immediate family.  It was quite nice.

We started with Piglet’s favorite foods.  and balloons:

2 birthday 009

Cucumbers and “dip”, chips and “dip”, “strawbeards”, m&ms, candy corn, and peanuts

Then we hung out, grazed the snack table, watched football, and played cornhole.

2 birthday 016

Then there were the presents, oh the presents.  This is one spoiled lucky little girl.  At first I was so proud of Grammy when she walked in with only one present.  But I should have known better.  The one present (a suitcase) was packed full of other presents.

2 birthday 038

She was definitely a fan of opening presents.  Her first words when she woke up that morning were “open presents” – she had been waiting all week.  She got a Vera “hope garden” weekender bag and toiletry bag…so stylin’ (grammy said that was better than the PC soccer bookbag we had her stuff packed in last weekend).   I may have to borrow that gift.  She also got a new toothbrush with fancy travel holders (grammy apparently thought packing her toothbrush in a baggie was sub-par – what would we do without grammy).  She got some new puzzles and a handmade tutu and hairbow (tutu pictured above).    She also got coloring books and crayons, a Elmo bookbag, Emily the train, food for her kitchen, Memory, a Disney Sing-A-Long DVD (with her two favorite songs “Circle Life” and “Hakumatat”, so now we don’t have to keep fastforwarding and rewinding the VHS Lion King tape we have).   She also got Lucky the lifelike dog. She loves all of her new things – they are her favorite play partners now.  I don’t think she’s touched any of her old toys since Saturday.  Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

2 birthday fix

Then there was the cake.  of course there was cake.

2 birthday 065

Thank you to all of you for coming.  It was a great day to spend with family that we love.  It was especially fun to see Piglet playing with her cousins.  JC was just awesome with her.   And then there was this miracle at the end of the day:

2 birthday 067

Happy Birthday Piglet!

You are surely blessed.


Last week, we got the plates and such for Piglet’s birthday party.  She was really excited about them and wanted to hold them while we were in the store.  Then she wanted to carry them out to the car.  Whenever she would ask for them, we would tell her that we needed to save them for her birthday party.  This morning, we said Happy Birthday, and talked about how it was her birthday and that she was now two years-old.  Then she started crying “birthday, hat, plate”.  I swear her amazing memory is not so good sometimes.  But I asked if she wanted to take a birthday hat and plate to school.  She said, “uh-huh”.  So she wore her George party hat and carried a George party plate into school today.

Then when I was at Publix to order her cake, I saw a pumpkin shaped jumbo cupcake and thought it would be the perfect way to actually celebrate her birthday on her birthday since she seemed to feel a little deprived and confused about the birthday date vs. the birthday party date.   So celebrate we did

Happy Birthday Piglet!

October 14, 2009

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