I have an office at church.  We have an office at home (although Russ has completely taken this space over with notes and books and highlighters and flashcards and sunflower seeds).  I have a laptop, so I could technically work anywhere.  But I am a really skilled procrastinator and can find lots of excuses not to focus on the task at hand – like cleaning, organizing, watching TV, talking, eating, etc.  So I have not found either logical place (home or work) to be a productive place.

I have found my groove at Atlanta Bread Company.  I have found my table – a high top by the window and an outlet.  I have found my cheap breakfast (toasted bagel and cream cheese) to justify the fact that I take up a table for up to five hours on any given day.

I have come here to write my past four-five sermons, and have pretty much knocked them all out in a morning.  So here is where I came to work on my final exam for the Certified Christian Educator process.   I had two papers left as of Tuesday (a 5-7 page Theology of Christian Education paper and a 10 page Biblical Exegesis).  I finished the  six-pager on Tuesday (because groove was found).  I actually did stay home yesterday to begin the ten-pager because I needed a lot of books to get started and didn’t feel like toting them around.  But I came in this morning to finish it – only two pages left!  Piece of cake – I should be out of here by 11:00, I thought.

BUT to my dismay, my table was taken.  And has been taken all morning.  I am completely without groove from this booth seat.  Plus there is no outlet and my battery is near death.  So I have played on facebook, read blogs, done some church work and some e-mailing…but I cannot get focused on those last two pages.   And now I blog because I feel the need to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

I even got up and bought a cookie (procrastination eating).  And then I had to use the bathroom (because GOOD GOLLY, this kid is kicking the crap out of my bladder), so had to pack up all of my stuff.  When I came back, my other table was taken.  Bummer.  So now I sit at another uncomfortable, ungroovey table, occasionally glancing at the dude at my table, hoping he gets my drift.

And I people watch (another very useful procrastination technique).  I wonder why people came here to get coffee when they could have gotten FREE coffee at Starbucks today.  I am disturbed by the couple sitting to my left.  The man (60’s, gray hair, receding hair line) alternates between rubbing the back of the girl next to him (20’s, cute) and holding her hand – with interlocking fingers.  heebie jeebies.   There are lots of people conducting business, people desperately trying to sell something to the person on the other side of the table.  There are groups of friends gathered for laughs – they make me a tad bit jealous.  There is one pair of guys – one just gave the other a present, then they shared a man hug with the appropriate three pats on the back.   Then there are six or so people like me, sitting alone at their laptops, working diligently on something important (like blogging and facebook perhaps).

oooo—–dude’s leaving – need to go snatch my table back quick.


ahhhhhhh——GROOVE.   Back to work.

UPDATE – In the hour that I have been at MY table, I have not written two pages, but FOUR. It is magic.

I’m ba-ack

Thanks for the phone calls, e-mails, and facebook messages asking where the blog went – that means a lot.  Thanks for missing me.  I have missed blogging – it’s strange how something like this can become such a big part of your life.  I would experience something last week and think – “Ooo, I need to blog about that!” but then I didn’t because I was trying to take a break and try to figure out what this blog thing was anyway.

I took it down to give myself a break.   Something that I wrote that was flippant, half sarcastic,  in passing, and not meant in a negative way toward anyone was read as negative, and there were consequences.   I have apologized, and we have moved on.  But this wasn’t the first time or the second.  third it was.  I have never intended to be critical of any person, but of situations and circumstances.  And I am pretty sure that I have spent more time on my own shortcomings than those of those situations or circumstances. (am I being vague enough for you?)

I am still trying to figure out how to blog as a pastor.  How to be real and honest and integrilicious, but also be respectful and supportive of the church that I love, but that can also be frustrating at times.   It’s a difficult balance to find in a world where sinful pastors serve churches with sinful people.  God is perfect, but the church is far from it.  I wish I could find a way to reflect with integrity and in a way that is  productive,  but also in a way that doesn’t end my career.

I thought about just not blogging about anything having to do with the church at all, but the church consumes 75-100% of my waking hours, depending on the week.  That’s too big a part of my life to not have anything to say about it.  I love being a mom, and Piglet provides a tremendous amount of material – in her cuteness and in her ability to drive me nuts (as does her dad), but  sometimes I need to reflect on that other part of my life.

I feel like a need a disclaimer at the beginning of every post:  “The views expressed in this post are solely those of the writer and not affiliated with DPC or the PC(USA).   The writer is sarcastic and flippant.  She writes in a stream of consciousness sort of way that is not always completely thought out or closely edited.  She is emotional and stressed out.  Take it all with a grain of salt.  K?  Thx. Bye.  PS:  Blogging is a conversation.  If you disagree or have other issues with what she says or how she says it, please add a comment so we all can have a dialogue.  She is thick-skinned and open -minded (most of the time).  She will probably only cry a little.”

excuses, I got ’em

Back in the Spring, I decided that I would start the Christian Educator Certification process.   I had already completed all of my class and work requirements, so all that is left is the six part exam.  It’s a pretty intense exam, but I have six months to complete it.   I thought – piece of cake, I’ll do the bulk of it this summer since things will slow down a bit

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…man, was I having a lapse in sanity…

What was I thinking?!   Of course, back when I had those original delusional thoughts, I did not know that we would have to take Piglet out of daycare.  I did not realize how much work there was left to do on our house – work we hope to completely finish before Russ starts school again in August.  I did not realize how many more responsibilities I would still have at church during the interim time.   And I was blissfully ignorant about how much time and energy preaching, teaching summer Sunday school, Montreat, and VBS would require.   All wonderful, but exhausting and draining.

And we did have an extended trip for family time and vacation with friends – but it was not so relaxing as vacations once were.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful for so many reasons…just not as restful as I had hoped.  We would stay up late (late for me anyway) to talk and play games (sleep seems almost a waste when you have such limited time with good friends and good margaritas); we have a little person who likes to wake up painfully early (she hasn’t learned that you SLEEP LATE on vacation); and going to the beach is an endurance test – no more laying out, reading a book, or relaxing in a chair – but more chasing a fearless toddler into the water and down the beach as she chased after EVERY SINGLE dog she saw as well as digging and playing in the sand.

SO…that’s why I’ve blogged a total of four (4) times in the past month – and most of those were just posting pictures.   There has been so much to write about, but so little emotional and physical energy with which to do said writing.  But I feel my soul quieting down a bit, feeling less stressed and more motivated again.  So I hope to write about our many exciting adventures over the past month and our current Staycation – it will be like a show or book that has flashbacks, you’ll get a little present day action, then a flashback or two into the past.  Won’t that be thrilling?!


If you look over to the right —>  you’ll se that I’ve added some links.  When I started reading blogs, I only read ones if I knew the author.  But lately, I’ve been branching out and have found some that I really like.  At night when my love is studying and there’s nothing on TV, this is what I do.  So check them out if you’re so inclined – they’re pretty funy.

I’ve also added links to the photography website of some friends.  If you ever need pictures taken in the Charlotte or Spartanburg areas, you should check them out.  I think they’re pretty talented.


And some random updates on Piglet:

And I forgot some updates, so I’m adding them now in red.

Piglet is FINALLY healthy after over  four months of various illnesses.  It’s amazing how different she is now – in such a better mood now that she doesn’t have reflux, or congestion, or runny nose, or coughing, or ear infection, or fever, or vomiting, or diarrhea, or constipation, or teething pain.  It was a rough few months for sure.  But now, she’s really coming into her own little personality.  She is so stinkin’ funny. and smart.

She has developed this really deep belly laugh that comes out at the weirdest times – I think she has a pretty warped sense of humor. 

She will touch her toes and say, “wee wee wee” in a high pitched voice – as in “This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home”.

She has learned many of her body parts – mouth, nose, tongue, ears, hair, head, cheek, feet, hands, belly, eyes.  We are a little afraid to ask her where her eyes are because she pokes herself in the eye rather hard.

She has 12 teeth now – she really worked hard for those last 4 (molers).

The past two days when I went to pick her up from school, I had a little moment of panic because I didn’t see her.  Both times, she was under the cribs, aparently she went in after a ball.

She is saying lots of new words – cookie, eye, up, this, yogurt, and the dreaded, NO.

She likes to teese us with food.  She will pretend like she’s going to share a piece of food with us, then as we are leaning down to take a bite, she takes it away and shakes her head.  This is probably not a great habit, but it’s pretty darn funny right now.

We are amazed at all that she comprehends.  Like whenever we say, “Let’s go: get breakfast, get ready for bed, get dressed, take a bath, get some milk” – she knows exactly what we’re saying and goes to the appropriate room. 

Once she’s gotten dressed, she goes over and gets her jacket so she can put it on.

When looking in a mirror, we ask her “where’s Piglet?” and she points to herself.  My love is really excited about this because he learned in his classes that babies weren’t supposed to do that until 18 months.  Such a proud daddy.

When we ask her where baby Jesus is, she picks him out of the nativity.

She has started to mimic my hand motions – that’s pretty entertaining.

When she wants you to follow her, she will stop, and motion for you to follow with her hand, and wait until you come before she continues.

She never really latched onto a pacifyer or a lovie before, but now she has found love with Curious George.  Her Aunt Kathryn gave it to her over Thanksgiving and now it’s the only thing that will calm her down sometimes.  And she gets really excited whenever she sees him.  I guess he’s the perfect hugging size.

Alright, I think I’m done.  I told you it would be random updates….but I’m afraid I’ll forget if I don’t write it down somewhere.

Also, I had peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast

I was driving back to the church after running work-type errands thinking to myself, “What will I blog about today?”  And there were just so many amazing options that I was just overwhelmed.  For instance, how EVERYTHING you buy now comes in Susan G. Komen pink, with a ribbon – toilet paper, coffee, batteries, cereal, m&ms, jewelry, shoes, vacuum cleaners, bowls, utencils, can openers.  All these things I saw today at Sams, which means you can also buy them in ridiculous quantities and sizes.  Then I thought I could blog about the hugeness of things at Sams, like the 15′ trampoline, the Christmas ornament the size of my torso, or the 60″ Christmas wreath.  Then I thought I could blog about how CRAZY it is that you can buy all your Christmas decorations and cards already – in OCTOBER.  Then I thought I could blog about how crazy October is, and you don’t really realize but it totally sneaks up on you – there’s Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and Piglet’s Birthday – not to mention you have to already be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  DUDE!

But then to save you all from the nonesense ramblings, I got tagged in a meme.  Which is like a Chain Letter/ E-Mail Survey/Forward.  You have to do it and send it onto four people or your right leg falls off.  So thanks Racher – I’ll do it; I like my right leg.

6 Uninteresting Things About Me

1.  I had a covered dish lunch with 20 senior citizens today…mmm.

2.  I feel asleep last night at 8:30, thus missing the debate.  darn.

3.  I bought my first pair of Rainbow flip flops in the 7th grade…they are my favorite – I wear them everyday. seriously.  I’m on my 4th pair (1 pair got outgrown, 1 pair got left in FL, 1 pair got too worn to wear) and now they are on the verge of being too worn.  And I’m having a internal struggle about buying a new pair because they are expensive.  But if I wear them everyday, I get my money’s worth.  But maybe it’s time to be a grown-up and buy grown-up shoes.  But I LOVE THEM.

4.  Goofy is my favorite Disney character.

5.  I get addicted to TV shows when there is a marathon, and I have to watch every last one.  That’s how I got addicted to CSI, Charmed, and Law and Order.  It’s a good thing we don’t have cable so I can’t get addicted to any more – darn that TNT and its weekend-long marathons.

6.  I TOTALLY want the pink Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I’m not really sure about the point of the “uninteresting” in the title of the meme, because if you are reading this blog, you read uninteresting things quite often.  And if I think to write it, then it must be of some interest, or I wouldn’t have thought about it.

Enough of that – Now here’s the part where I get to tag four other people (but I just made up the part about your leg falling off, so feel free to do as you choose without risk of amputation).  Abbey, Katie, Margie, Stephanie.  Enjoy.   Love ya.

EDIT:  After I posted this, I went back to Rachel’s page and realized that technically you are supposed to tag 6 bloggers, but I think I’ll follow her lead and break the rules – I’ll stick with my four.