I think I started a new tradition this year.  It is December 7, and the Christmas cards went in the mail yesterday; the house is decorated and clean(ish); and we have all but three gifts wrapped and under the tree.

Did I mention it is only December 7?  It is a pretty incredible feeling to look into the horizon of the second week of Advent and Christmas with a weight lifted.  This is all because I took the week of Thanksgiving off.  I didn’t go anywhere the first half of the week and didn’t go far the rest of the weekend, so I got a lot of stuff done.

And Monday of that week, I got NOTHING done.  It was fabulous.  I got up and got the kids ready for school*, then after Russ drove off with them, I got back in bed and did not get up again until lunchtime.  At lunchtime, I heated up some pizza and got back in bed to eat it.  I did not get up again until it was time to pick the kids up at 3:00.    I had been fighting a sinus infection and working doubletime the week before (because my boss was on vacation), so this day of nothing was the best. day.

The rest of the week was very productive because I was fully (well, almost) refreshed.  I got back my go-get-him and my giddy-up.  So by the evening of Sunday, the house was really clean and decorated and most of the shopping was done (plus I got to spend some quality time with my mom and Taylor on Girls’ Day).

I highly recommend a staycation with no agenda, no plans…the chance to just be and to get as much done as you feel like getting done….and watching as much trashy TV as you want without anyone judging you.  It’s a good thing.  So I think from now on, I will take this week off and plan to go no where in order to find some order before charging full steam ahead into Advent and Christmas.

I really think I will enjoy this year more without the stress of shopping on Christmas Eve.  The Advent season is supposed to be about waiting and preparing for Christ’s coming, but with all the hustle and bustle, you lose the chance to wait and prepare – the pace is fast and furious.  I’m hoping that this year, I will really be able to celebrate Advent with some patience, some stillness, some silence, and a lot of joy and anticipation…hoping that my four year-old will rub off on me a bit.

*1) So, yes, I know that for Caleb especially it is more daycare than school, but I just don’t like the term daycare, and it’s my blog.  2) I used to think that if I wasn’t going into work, I had to keep the kids home (mom guilt).  HA!  Then I got a bit of sanity and perspective and learned that a little time off with the kids at school allowed me to be more rested and productive so that the time spent with them was that of a much higher quality.  So I cut myself a break.  Plus they both dig school a lot, so that helps.


I think I have taken nesting to a whole new level.  or maybe I’m just insane, I’ll just say it’s unfair to give a gal with OCD (or OPD – Russ has diagnosed me with Obsessive Personality Disorder rather than OCD) the pregnancy induced nesting drive.

The house is relatively clean and organized (at least what I can control – I try my hardest to ignore the office and pretend it’s not there because that is Russ’ space and he gets really mad when I throw out important medical notes or move his stethoscope).  So I have moved onto the church.

Last week, I cleaned the youth rooms.  I took 20 NASTY GERM RIDDEN FLEA BITTEN 30 YEAR OLD giant pillows (yes, they were that gross) to the dump because I could no longer bear the sight of them.  I then used half a container of lysol wipes on the fooz ball table (did you know no matter how you try to spell fuz ball, spellcheck thinks it’s wrong, so I still don’t know how to spell it), cabinet doors, counters, window sills, and window seats.   And now every time I walk past the youth rooms, I smile inside (and sometimes outside), though I’m sure no one else even notices the new-found cleanliness and order.

And just to prove how insane I am:  I am really excited that we just got a new supply room built (it was an alcove off the library that looked cluttered and was unsecured when the many outside groups used the building, which made me nervous with some expensive equipment).  I requested a wall and a door that we could lock.  ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE – KNOCK AND THE DOOR SHALL BE OPENED TO YOU (but only if you have a key).   The room has recently been completed (my church peeps are super handy and generous and awesome), and I just smile inside when I see it.  So on Monday, I reorganized the supply closet so that things would be easy for the teachers to find and I threw out some stuff that was too old to be used.  AND I FOUND A WHOLE BOX OF SHARPIES, like 30 of them!  I had been quite distraught thinking that someone had lost them or stolen them and was always frantically looking for sharpies.  But alas, it just fell behind the shelf, and now we have been reunited.  I almost cried a little when I found them because I was just that excited, and pregnant.  You know, you can never have enough sharpies.

Then Tuesday, I spent the whole day in the library trying to reorganize the shelves.  The first organization of the library occurred when I was pregnant with Piglet (hmmmm…I see a pattern).  But in those brief two years, books have been moved and donated and just needed some more order.  It felt so good to cross that item off of my long-term to-do list.  And I smile a little inside when I see the newly organized shelves.

But I guess all this nesting is really a good thing because in a crazy life where I have little control, I can clean and experience brief delusions of control.  And also, the church is at least 10 times more organized now than it was 3.5 years ago due to my chronic OPD and two pregnancies.  Plus, my insides have been smiling a lot, and that can’t be bad.

Hmmm…now what next?