Just another Thursday

Today was one of those days when I wished that there was a hidden camera to capture all of the funny moments, because Russ and I were cracking up most of the day at these crazy kids.

We started the day continuing to brainwash our children and to teach them the importance of USC Football.  It’s Game Day, BABY!

At some point, Caleb threw a pencil under the bookshelf, and a grape rolled back out (at exactly the same place the pencil went in, as if someone/something under the bookshelf just traded with Caleb).  I did not check to make sure.

Then we went to the dentist, which was good fun for everyone.  We all survived at least.  Then I took Caleb to school where we found that he and his BFF had on matching USC jerserys – that kid has good taste in friends.  We have to work on Taylor though, her BFF is a Clemson fan, leading Taylor to naively suggest that she could like both teams.  Whatevs.

Then at dinner, the kids brought the crazy out.  Russ was cutting a lime for his Corona (perhaps this is why we thought everything was SO funny), and Caleb asked for one.  He proceded to suck a bit of lime juice, lick his hand, then take a sip of milk.  No lie.  Now I need to figure out who he’s hanging out with that would teach him such things.  Then he insisted on putting the lime in his milk.  CHEERS!

In the midst of the crazy dinner conversation, Taylor asked some theological questions like, “What if God didn’t give us booties?” And “When will the end of the world be?” And while watching THE GAME, Russ was pointing out who Steve Spurrier was, and she said, “Oh the one with the ear muffs” This kid, I swear!

Caleb was left unattended for a while in Taylor’s room and emerged looking like this (those are headbands):

Also, this happened:

I really identify with these people, like REALLY!

The coupons!  The counting to 3! The trading in the car for a sadan!  Rolling in the minivan!


Caleb LOVES the beach.  He was very excited Saturday morning when we said that we were going.  I asked Taylor to get him dressed – to put on his bathing suit and t-shirt.   When I saw him, she had even put a swim diaper on him (which is no easy task)…but I had to take that off because they aren’t the most absorbent, which could have disastrous consequences on the 30 minute drive to the beach.  While I was taking the swim diaper off, he cried because he thought it meant we weren’t actually going to the beach.  Not an easy concept to explain to an almost 2 year-old.  But I tried…and he kept yelling “No!  Beach!”

Except, when he says “beach”, it sounds like an insult.

You’re welcome.


First of all, the picture could be a stand alone post, because, come on, those are some cute kids – all looking at the camera and looking happy at the same time – a first in their 18M of coexistence.

But I need to tell you the story behind the massive bruise between Taylor’s eyebrows.

It’s massive.

And noticeable.

On Wednesday, her teachers asked her what happened.  She responded “I ran into Daddy’s booty”.  They of course were confused and needed clarification when we arrived to pick her up.   Russ begins the story by saying “I wish”.

Whathadhappenedwas we went to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday night.  Taylor was pushing around one of the kid sized carts and got a little too eager and starting running with the cart.  Russ stopped in the produce section, Taylor followed him, but did not stop.  So she ran the cart into his backside.   The cart stopped, but still she did not.  The momentum caused her head to smack into the handle of the cart.   She starts bawling, and Russ tries to comfort her telling her “It’s ok, I’m not mad – it was an accident.”…thinking she was crying because she felt bad that she hit him, not realizing until a few minutes later that she had a large red knot on her forehead.

So, her story was true, but she left out the cart part, leading people to wonder if her Daddy in fact had rock hard hind parts.

tutie tot

Taylor in the 4s cracks me up.

In the car on the way to Target this afternoon:

T:  Mommy, I see the clouds.  Is it going to rain?

D:  I don’t think so, those are white clouds.  When the clouds are grey it will rain.

T:  Oh, when people cry their faces are red; when the clouds cry, they are grey, you know?*

D:  Huh…I guess you’re right.

In the car on the way home after a Target trip in which she had trouble following directions:

T:  Mommy, I’m sad of you because you hurt my feelings, you know?

D:  I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but you weren’t listening at Target.

T:  When we get home, I’m not going to play with you.  I’m only going to play with Daddy.

D:  Ok

T:  Look the clouds; they are grey now…I think they are going to cry now because you hurt my feelings, you know?

*Today she started saying “you know” at the end of 93% of her sentences.


Taylor in the 4s is learning A LOT of really useful things:

She’s also learning to write:


I think these moves are all her own, no preschool needed:

Note Caleb at .20, holding up 5 fingers as the show sings about counting to 5 and tapping his leg on beat.   I cut the video off right when Taylor was pushing Caleb off the dance floor.

if it’s free, it’s for me

So you know how we’re broke?  Well, we are doing our best to have fun with it and also be smart.  So today I started hawking stuff on craig’s list.  Anyone want a really cute table with drop leaf sides and 2 chairs?

And while on a walk this morning, I ran across a sock in the road that Caleb lost on Wednesday’s walk.  I picked it up and carried it home in order to wash it and put it back in his drawer so he can wear it again.

And we also planned not one, not two, but THREE trips to three different Chick-Fil-As for Cow Appreciation Day.  Breakfast was a hot date with just me and Russ.  We were the first “cows” of the day and the only ones the whole time we were there.  I looked around at the people paying for their food and thought “SUCKAS”….but then they were probably thinking the same thing about us.  For lunch, we met Grammy so she didn’t have to go by herself (Pops is NO fun).

Then for dinner, we dressed up the whole family.  Taylor was pretty excited.  And THE chick-fil-a cow was there.  Caleb wouldn’t stop pointing at him – he was mesmerized and even got to practice saying “cow” and mooing.  Taylor on the other hand was terrified.  Go figure.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I am Chick-Fil-Aed out…even with the different menu choices.  It’ll probably be a long while a few weeks  a week at least before we go back.

And I did save the spots and ears for next year.