party princess


Russ:  What happened to my tomboy?
Me:  Grammy.
Russ:  True.

Much to Russ’ deep disappointment, Piglet has become a fan of princesses and considers herself a princess.   Grammy (and maybe me a little) has done nothing but encourage the new obsession.

It all started last fall when we brought that princess table home for $5 from the church yard sale – at the time, she didn’t know who any of the pretty ladies were, she just liked having a place to have tea.  Then she really started listening to her favorite song and book:  “Dance me daddy“.  There’s a line in the song that goes “she packed away princess gowns and crowns and bows” and another “if I am your princess then you are the kind of the world”  and in the book, the little girl is wearing a pretty dress and crown.  So whenever the song comes on, Piglet insists on wearing a dress and spinning around the room.  Then we watched Sleeping Beauty, and she was really hooked.   The other night when she heard the “dance me daddy” song, she said.  “I want to wear a dress and spin around like Sleeping Beauty”.

Then Aunt Sandra was here and wanted to buy her something and we decided on a little Sleeping Beauty doll with multiple dresses, a carriage, and a prince.  She plays with it ALL THE TIME.  Although, she does prefer to put Sleeping Beauty in a toy car rather than the carriage.

Then Grammy bought her a crown and princess shoes (with Sleeping Beauty on them even) and introduced her to the movies Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, and then we showed her Snow White.  Then I found her tutu handmade by our crafty cousin Carrie.

AND the rest is history.  Now she says that she and I are princesses and Russ and Baby B are princes.  Grammy, of course (with her princess influence/bribery), is considered a queen.  And she has insisted the past two days to wear a dress to school so she could be a princess.

But really, I don’t think Russ needs to worry too much – she may be a princess, but I think she’s still pretty tough.

toy story 3

Getting to watch your kid experience something new and fun for the fist time is truly incredible.  Last Friday, we decided that we were going to take Piglet to her first movie at a movie theater – Toy Story 3 – the following Monday.  The whole weekend, I was really excited….I mean really excited.  I would talk about it with Piglet to try to get her to be as excited as I was, but I don’t think she ever reached that level.

We planned on going to a movie that would be shortly after her nap, which I thought was smart:  she would be well rested and the popcorn she would eat would not interfere with her dinner.  But, we didn’t get to the theater in time and the show was sold out…I forgot to factor in that it was a holiday and hot outside and EVERYONE and their mother would be going to the movie, speaking of mothers, Grammy and Pops came, too, which made it even more exciting for Piglet.  We went ahead and got tickets for the next show and had an hour to kill.  Piglet didn’t understand why we were leaving, but with the mention of ice cream to kill time, she was on board.

We got back 30 minutes before the show started so we would have enough time to do last minute potty breaks, get popcorn and drinks (for $19.50, thank you very much – but it WAS Piglet’s very first movie experience, so we had to go all out – next time, we’re bringing the big mom bag filled with our own snacks), and get seats together on the back row so no one could kick Grammy seat (this is her all time pet peeve).  We were successful on all accounts.   With 10 minutes until showtime, I took Piglet for our last pre-movie potty break.  She gleefully skipped down the hall and back – she just couldn’t contain her excitement about the whole experience – so very cute.

Then the lights dimmed and the movie started, well the 20 minutes of previews and animated short started.  And Piglet was hooked.  She laughed out loud, really loud, a lot.  She was definitely the loudest laugher in the theater.  And it was so very cute.   She did really well in the movie considering that “stillness” and “quietness” are not among her strengths as a 2.5 year-old.  She changed seats a few times…her own…Grammy’s…Pops’…and back again (she did not, however, want to sit with Mommy or Daddy, which made me a little sad, but I will have to admit that my lap is not the most comfortable at the moment, plus it’s pretty clear she prefers Grammy and Pops in most cases).  She was a BIG fan of the popcorn.  We got the big bucket. and refilled it.  before the movie started.  I packed a little popcorn bucket from home so she could have her own.  It was just so cute.

Good Times


Kathryn and Roo came to visit on Wednesday.  We decided it would be a good time to make the first trip of the year to the beach.  Ever since the first warm Saturday when we put Piglet’s bathing suit on to wash the car and lubed her up with sunscreen, she’s been asking to go to the beach.  It’s her favorite.

This came in very handy when it came to making deals, “If you want to go to the beach, then you need to eat all of your yogurt.”   This was such a big deal, that we got to use it over and over again for 12 hours before heading to the beach.

BEACH DAY had arrived, and I spent the morning packing up all of our beach stuff, putting on our bathing suits, and lubing us both up – not an easy task to plan a day trip to the beach.  But generally TOTALLY worth it.  Total Prep Time:  45 minutes

We drove to Grammy’s house to pick up Grammy, Kathryn, and Roo.  They packed up EVEN MORE stuff and off we went.  Total Travel Time:  45 minutes

We parked the car and got out all of our gear – beach chair, sun shade, towels, beach toys, little cooler, cameras, sheet – everything but the kitchen sink.   Then we began the walk to the beach.  The closer we got to the water, the harder the wind started to blow.  But onward we pressed.

(and for your viewing pleasure – baby bump hugeness in the background)

We reach the sand and a beach toy blows out of the basket and I have to chase it down.  We walk further up to get closer to the water and wet sand that doesn’t blow in your face.  I attempted pulling the sun shade out for baby roo and it was flapping in the wind so violently that I couldn’t even figure out which end was up.  While I was trying to figure this out, Piglet dumped all of her beach toys out of the basket.  First the little blue ball blew away – getting up to 15 mph easy…not worth chasing.  Then Piglet’s favorite pooh ball blows away so she starts chasing it – the ball is much faster than she is.  Then the basket starts blowing away end over end.  I had to make a choice – basket or ball, realizing that I couldn’t catch both because they were blowing in different directions.  I opted for the basket since we had to somehow get all the toys back to the car.  So we were running.  Piglet running with a big blue shovel in her hand, crying “my ball, my ball, my basket”.  Me running as fast as I could being as huge as I was.   I caught the basket, but the ball got scooped up by a dog 1/4 mile away – so long ball.  Kathryn tried to help, she was running while holding a three month-old and trying to keep her hat on to protect her face from the crazy wind and trying to stop the buckets from blowing away with her feet.  Roo is half laughing at the wind and half crying because she’s hungry.  Grammy meanwhile is still holding the rest of the stuff to keep it from blowing away while trying to take pictures of the madness.  I’m sure we all looked a bit ridiculous.

(Here is Kathryn keeping the toys from blowing away again while Grammy and I packed up everything else.  Piglet is trying to play through the wind and dig in the sand anyway.)

Grammy, Kathryn, and Roo headed back to the car so Roo could eat.  Piglet and I hung out for a little while longer so she could play just for a bit – she was SO excited about the beach.  But the toys kept blowing away.  Then she took her shoes off and they started to blow away.  So we decided it was just too much and packed it up and headed back to the car.  By some miracle, Piglet didn’t protest leaving too much.

As we were walking back to the car, Grammy meets us on the path.  She had apparently lost her sheet along the way – I guess it was hard to keep up with everything when you are holding 50 pounds of beach stuff.  But we finally all make it back to the car with all of our stuff to find out that on the walk back, Kathryn’s phone called Grammy’s phone from within one of the many bags and left a long voice mail, so we now have a verbal account of everything that happened.

Total Beach Time:  15 minutes

At least we had a good laugh and spent time together as a family, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

not as planned

President’s/Valentine’s Day Weekend Plan 1:  Visit my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.  Go see my great-aunt for her birthday.  Drop by to see Russ’ great-aunt as well since they live in the same town.  Show off the cuteness that is Piglet.  Go see Valentine’s Day with the big girls while the men watch the little girls.  Hang out with Russ’ family on the way home.

President’s/Valentine’s Day Weekend Plan 2:   Realizing that February was turning out to be super busy and stressful and Piglet hadn’t been sleeping too well and was therefore tired and cranky, we decided to stay home for the weekend and be productive.  Russ was going to cut the grass (yes, I know it’s winter, but it missed the last cut of the summer season because Fall semester started and it has seemed to rain every other day since then here in the Lowcountry).  We were also going to plant some bulbs so that we would have some pretty flowers in the Spring.  I was also going to get some work done (especially planning for the Ash Wednesday service which I will be flying solo for on WEDNESDAY and hadn’t started planning yet).

President’s/Valentine’s Day Weekend Actual Events:  OBVIOUSLY the grass cutting and bulb planting didn’t happen since the ground was hidden under 6 inches of snow.  But there were some high points:

  • Playing in the snow with Piglet and Russ (not sure who had more fun)
  • Making/Eating brownies with Piglet
  • Getting lots of little odds and ends done around the house that have been bothering my pregnant/OCD self for a while by their not being done
  • GREAT confirmation class this morning
  • Surviving moderating my second congregational meeting without contradicting Robert’s Rules too much
  • post church snowball fight on the sanctuary courtyard
  • Hanging out a lot with Grammy, Piglet, and Russ
  • Watching the Winter Olympics
  • Finishing Ash Wednesday service

But there also were a few low points:

  • Russ’ car dying – still waiting on a cause of death and hope for resurrection
  • Traveling downtown to pick him up in the rain during rush hour during the pre-snow-storm 2010 southern panic with a stir crazy two year-old due to the Valentine Party sugar rush and the inability to play outside due to the rain.
  • Piglet getting up at 7:00 pm, 7:15 pm, and 7:30 pm last night with lots of excuses.
  • Piglet waking up at 2:30 am, 3:00 am, and 3:30 am last night with lots of excuses.
  • Having to sleep on the floor by her bed from 3:30 to 6:00 to avoid future wakings since Russ was in a Benedryl coma
  • Trying to get Piglet to poop in the potty for the past four hours.  seriously.

All in all, the good outweighs the bad, and our not as planned weekend turned out to be a fun weekend.  Now on for a fun start to Lent.

Happy Halloween

At the beginning of October, we were sitting around thinking about what Piglet could be for Halloween.  Last year’s costume was perfect, so now the standard is set high.  I was looking through a magazine with homemade costumes and kids dressed up as their favorite characters.  So I thought at first she should go as Curious George. But then, that just seemed a little boring.  So,we decided she would have to carry her George as the man with the yellow hat.


FYI – Grammy rocks!  I had the idea of the costume, but no idea about how to pull it off.  Enter Grammy.  $8 and a labor of love gets one cute original costume.  Also, Aunt Kathryn rocks.  She found this great Curious George Halloween book that has George dressing up in the yellow hat.  That got Piglet more and more excited about her costume, she wanted to read “George Halloween” every night.

We tried on the costume last night, and she said:  “knock, knock, treat or treat”.  I think she’s ready for Halloween.   She asked for her costume as soon as she woke up this morning.  Lucky for her, she has a trial run today at her school Halloween party.   She was a hit as we walked through the hall and into her classroom.

So without further ado, I give you the cutest ever Man with the Yellow Hat:

fall 09 202

PS – I LOVE her new daycare.  All of the teachers were even dressed up for party day – her teacher was Dora, complete with backpack and a paper Boots.  So cute.  You can really tell it’s a great atmosphere for the kids.  Everyone was having a great time.