Prayer for the World on Fire

Perhaps I was too hard on the church in Monday’s  post.   I was letting a few criticisms cloud the overall success of Youth Sunday.  I am still bubbling over with pride for the youth for the job they did and the congregation for how open they were.  Last year, we had a time in the service in which people wrote down their dreams for the church.  The youth loved reading through the dreams of their church.  Ironically their favorites were what they called “nasty grams” which were notes criticizing the service. 

This year, they planned another opportunity for people to reflect in written form by writing prayer requests and putting them in the offering plate.  The youth gathered around after the service to read the prayers, and to their disappointed and my delight – they found no “nasty grams”.  I was truly inspired by these prayers.

I was reading through these prayers again this morning, and thought I would share some of them.  I am moved.  If you are a praying person, please join me in prayer.

  • I pray that God gives all of us the strength to take action and give back to the world for everything he has blessed us with.
  • I pray for those who have lost their jobs and face poverty and for the homeless people all around us.
  • I pray for peace in Iraq
  • I pray for the men and women in service that fight for our country everyday.
  • I pray for the child soldiers, those in poverty, people in Darfur.  I pray for the stregth to save the world.
  • Give me strength to go and help people without fear.  Help to make me a better person.
  • Pray for the children living right ere in our community that are homeless, hungry, or in need of a loving family.
  • Feed the children of the world.   Move the economy to create jobs – too much unemployment.  Help the suffering of the world.  Remove the threat of nuclear weapons.
  • Teachers and schools.  Mentally and physically challendged.  Churches
  • Help me and other teachers to reach and give hope to many of our students who have given up and are hopeless, who are bitter and hard, and who are in need of God’s great love.
  • Families in crisis.
  • I pray that our leaders will become inspired by God to do his will rather than doing whatever it takes to be re-elected.
  • (in a new writer’s script) Everyone needs to stop littering and everyday recycle cans, bottles, and paper. Stop cutting down trees.
  • Please heal our country.  Help us to see the difference in law and justice.  May justice prevail and laws change accordingly.
  • Pray for our church as we search for a new minister.
  • Pray for all abused children: educationally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Thornwell Children
  • Pray for the president of our country.
  • May your spirit surround all of us.  May you comfort all who are alone.  May you fan our fire!
  • Bless the youth, give them strength energy, and persistance to set the world on fire.  Bless our parents and grandparents that gave us our life skills that we might set the world on fire – though at a slower pace.  Bless each of us to do even the smallest thins that can make any difference for others.
  • For animals that aren’t loved and taken care of the right way.
  • Pray for a good representation of our congregation sign-up for our day to go into the community and help others.
  • Kindness and consideration for one another.
  • The growth of the church.  Less anxiety about trivial issues.
  • I pray that God shows our church how to focus our time and resources to make our world a better place.  Today’s service started us…
  • Pray for all those that are suffering – so that their suffering may end.