The kids have been over the top with their cuteness lately.  I think maybe they are filled with the Christmas spirit.

They have both been sleeping past 6:00 am most mornings (which may sound early to you, but for us, it’s like sleeping in).  Sunday, they even slept until almost 7:00 am!  Kids are so much cuter at 7:00am.

This morning, Caleb was crying because I walked out of the room (which is a fun topic for another post), and Taylor came over and let him hold her favorite stuffed kitties, Smokey and Pumpkin.  He pulled them close to his chest, stopped crying, and then reached out his other arm and gave her his dinosaur (which is his favorite item of all time).  Brother and sister sharing!  Without prompting!  It was amazing.

And a few nights ago, they danced together:

A few days before that, they helped me clean up – the both of them, together – in their pjs.  Little warms my heart more than little people cleaning up.  Especially for Caleb who applauds himself each time he finishes a cleaning task.

Gah, I love them.


What does it say about my parenting or my kids or our day that this was the happiest I’d seen them all day:

I mean, they were both giggling and shrieking with glee for the entire 20 minutes we were in the store.  I love that they enjoy each other so much.

They both think the other is hilarious.  When we left the grocery store, they were laughing hysterically in the back of the car – it’s like music to my ears.  Life is so much happier with two.

*Can you notice that Taylor has one clump of hair that is shorter than the rest in the middle of her forehead?  She cut her own hair at school yesterday.  I guess she wanted to see how she looked with bangs.

deja vu

Taylor – 2008

Caleb – 2011

Happy Easter

The Lord is Risen indeed.  We had a great Holy Week at the church, and Easter Sunday didn’t disappoint.  What better way to celebrate the resurrected Christ and new life than by sporting new dresses and shoes and hunting for eggs?!  OK, so I have the same issues with the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts that I have with Santa Claus, but I can’t help but go all in now that I have kids because they have such a blast!

The post church photo shoot was quite the challenge

Especially since daddy and pops were cutting some wood to the right

Which was apparently worrisome

Sadly, this is the best, even though Caleb is about to fall off the step

But then again, this could be my favorite, because it’s just too sweet

And what’s a spring afternoon without some flower picking in your Easter dress and boots?

Thanks to Carrie for the precious outfits

(the church folks all ooohhh and ahhhed over them)

two in a van

*overheard from the backseat*

Caleb cries

It’s ok, Caleb, why are you crying?

It’s ok, Mommy’s here.  And I’m here.  Mommy and I are here.

Caleb whimpers and looks at Taylor

Caleb, don’t cry.  We love you, so you don’t need to cry.

It’s ok, Mommy and I are here.  You’re ok.

Caleb stops crying and smiles.