looney bin

I really thought I was getting the hang of this multiple-child-parenting gig.

Then Piglet got sick.  She wasn’t really sick…just a mystery fever with no other symptoms.  But the fever was enough that she couldn’t go to school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  Wednesday was my first full day of solo parenting two kids – Russ even had a dinner meeting that night, so it was pretty much ALL DAY solo parenting.  I realize that I have been spoiled having Piglet in school for part of the day while I was on maternity leave, but we wanted to make sure she kept a routine plus she has too much energy to hang out at home all day everyday….and I have too little energy for her to be home all day everyday.  Wednesday went well enough.  Piglet was pitiful and falling asleep on the couch and in my lap, so I knew she didn’t feel good.   Poor Baby B was neglected, only being held when it was time to eat or change his diaper, but he was a trooper.  All in all, the day was a success, there were no major meltdowns, I did my best to keep Piglet away from Baby B and used hand sanitizer when going from one kid to the other because the last thing we need is another trip to the ER.

But yesterday was day three of home-sick-with-two-kids…and I was about to LOSE MY MIND!   We watched Beauty and the Beast 5 (FIVE!) times in three days.  Piglet would not do anything I told her to do because she, like me, was tired of being trapped in our house for the third day in a row and was frustrated with life in general.  She learned that starting a request with “Mommy, I don’t feel good”  helps her chances of getting what she wants (like watching Beauty and the Beast, but especially will you hold me – which is mostly used when I am holding baby B).  She spent TWO HOURS in her room not napping before falling asleep for a whole 30 minutes then waking up crankier than before.  And Baby B became not ok with being the neglected child and demanded more attention, especially when I was fixing Piglet’s lunch or fixing dinner or trying to go to the bathroom.

And a sweet yet frustrating thing was that Piglet missed being able to play with and love on her baby brother.  Every time I told her that she couldn’t touch him, she said, “but I feel better mommy, my head doesn’t hurt anymore” – so sweet.  Note:  this was usually said within a hour of a sad “mommy I don’t feel good, I want…” – girl is getting good at manipulation, but I am on to her and don’t give in if she’s faking it (except when she wants me to hold her, I can’t pass that up).

I was so ready for Saturday and some help.  But then Russ came home from “work” yesterday with a mancold.  I thought today would be another miserable day,  but  Piglet woke up in a great mood after a good night’s sleep, and Russ held it together well, and after he and Piglet napped, we all got out of the house for a fun outing.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Russ was giving Baby B his paci and Piglet said, “No, daddy you can’t touch him because you don’t feel good; you have germs”  Smart girl – it’s nice to know that even when it seems like she doesn’t hear a thing I say, she is listening.

sucky deja vu

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged. I have about 10 posts floating around in my head, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the routine soon.  I’ve been busy doing stuff like having a kid (more to come on that soon).

But then there was also the worst deja vu ever that occurred last Monday night.  We had been home three whole days with our four day-old little boy who was all perfect and warm and cuddly.   I was having thoughts like – I’ve got to do this again.  Three kids it is. Then Monday night, he felt a little warm so we checked his temp and he had a little fever of 100.7, which we didn’t really think was all that serious.  But just to be safe, Russ sent an e-mail to our pediatrician asking what we should do.   Then the pediatrician called us back shortly thereafter to let us know that we just won ourselves a trip downtown to the Peds ER.  Apparently anything over 100.4 is cause for concern in such a tiny person.

So we packed up a few things and got in the car, thankful that we have the world’s most awesome pediatrician who calls us at 9:30 at night to make sure we going to the ER and who even offered to come and sit with us as we waited and the little man went through all of his tests and thankful that we have a peds er so close.  But I also cried the entire way there…not necessarily because I was afraid of the outcome, because I was confident that we were going to the best place and that they would be able to treat whatever it was, but because we had been to the ER with a six day-old baby before and I remember the tests they have to do and the thought of that was almost unbearable.  We knew our little perfect baby was in for urine cultures, blood tests, IVs, lumbar puncture, and most likely a 48-hour hospital stay hooked up to monitors.  Plus I couldn’t help but play the “what if” game and wonder where we went wrong.  I mean, if we have to take both of our kids to the ER before they are a week old, are we bad parents?  Did I not take good enough care of myself while pregnant?  I know it was all crazy, but it was 10:30 pm and we had a 25 minute drive downtown – that’s a lot of time for a mind to wander and wonder.

When we got to the ER, his fever was up to 102.9, so they definitely did all the tests imaginable since he couldn’t really tell us what was wrong.  He is a hard stick, so they had to stick him A LOT to try to get the blood they needed for the tests and to put in the IV.  They were even talking about going into a vein on his head.  BUT fortunately, they called down the NICU nurses who worked their beautiful magic and were able to put it in the back of his hand.  It was really incredible watching them work – we are so thankful for their skill and willingness to come down to the ER and help out our little man.  And he was quite the trooper through it all – hardly crying, mostly sleeping.  That was a mixed blessing – glad he was mostly out of it, but sad because that’s how sick he was – between the fever and the jaundice, he was pretty out of it for three days, only waking briefly and not even fully for feedings.

We were finally moved to a room at 2:00 am and by the time we were checked in and settled it was 3:30am – and I thought I was tired before.  ha!   Baby B (who, yes, is still blog nameless for now) was put under the blue lights since his bilirubin levels came back pretty high.  They put on these little goggles – he looked like he was getting a nice tan.  And we waited and tried to rest.  Test results slowly came back as his fever went up and down and he remained very sleepy.  Mostly negative – the scary stuff was negative.  The most likely culprit was an enterovirus like viral menegitis.

We were finally released on Thursday morning with a fever and jaundice free little boy after all of the cultures came back negative.   He was awake more that day than in the previous three days combined, so we knew he definitely felt better.   And since then, he has continued to improve and get back to being a normal healthy little boy.   And I am trying to catch up on some sleep and not be a zombie but for a a few minutes a day.


I totally jinxed myself yesterday.  I guess that’s what I get for trying to be positive instead of brutally honest.

I wrote the post around noon as I took my lunch break.  By 4:30, the day had taken a terrible turn.  In those few hours, Piglet developed a fever out of nowhere; I locked myself out of the house in 95 degree heat; Piglet threw up all over herself, me, and the foyer; and I slipped in the vomit, which sent my legs in opposite directions and caused great pain.  It was awesome.

But thanks to Grammy and Russ, the week was still salvaged (so far – perhaps I’m jinxing myself again).  After my stressful afternoon, Russ went to the store and provided the goods for apple pie a la mode, my first real pregnancy craving.  And Grammy came over today to take care of Piglet so that I could still go to my lady clergy lunch.  Plus, by this afternoon, Piglet was feeling better, and we still got to go for her first haircut:

She did awesome…but cutting off her hair was just so sad – I wonder what will become of her curls – will they still be here tomorrow or are they gone forever?  But it was definitely time to do something with “crazy hair”.   After she finished getting extra cutified, we topped the haircut off with a visit to a cupcake store…yum

ends well

My last post was all about how clean my life is…probably made people think bad thoughts about me – oh, look at me with my clean house and clean church.  BUT THEN.  I got a horrendous stomach bug Thursday night and in the  24 hour duration, our house went from clean and orderly to complete mess and nasty.  Really, that quickly. it was unbelievable.

But I did recover, even though I lost three pounds in that 24 hours.  BUT THEN we went to the Flowertown Festival today where funnel cake was consumed, prior to a big lunch.  Pretty sure those three pounds didn’t stay gone long.  (I don’t advise eating fair food within 12 hours of recovering from a stomach bug – my stomach was not ready for that).

But  even with the nasty bug and the nasty house, we had another awesome Saturday.

Piglet got her first taste of rides at the festival – she’s a big fan and kept wanting to get on the big kid rides.  I think she’s going to be a daredevil.  Just look at her face:

After fun at the festival with Pops and Grammy and a nap, we spent the afternoon in the yard because it was another can’t-stay-inside kind of days.  We were putting out pine straw and “our” cat came by for a visit.

and soccer was played

Watching father and daughter play soccer is probably one of my favorite things because 1)  Piglet laughs and squeals with pure delight, 2) Russ laughs and squeals with pure delight, and 3)  Piglet is actually pretty good (and so is Russ).

phase 3

Plague Phase 1:  Fever, Lethargic, Cuddly, Snuggly, Tired, No apetite, a pure joy when the Motrin kicks in

Plague Phase 2:  Fever, Lethargic, Cuddly, Tired, No apetite, just plain uncomfortable and miserable, Throwing up

I have done 9.  nine.  NINE.  loads of laundry in the past four days.  and there are only three people living in my house.  Granted four of them were our regular laundry.  But the pile has been continuously growing as every time Piglet threw up, we had to change her clothes, our clothes, a blanket, a pillow perhaps, all of our sheets.   After six times, I was a little over the vomit and the increasing pile of laundry.

And now we are in the third phase AKA the so-very-tired-but-not-wanting-to-sleep-so-is-therefore-cranky phase of the plague.  While I am glad that Piglet is feeling better and is no longer throwing up everything she eats/drink (even that one sip of water), I do not like this third phase at all, because crankiness begets defiance and not listening and all around misbehaving and breakdowns of immense proportions brought on by NOTHING.  And she has no fever, yet I cannot send her to school because she has had a fever and thrown up in the past 24 hours.  Darn you school and your practical rules to keep kids not sick!

She is SO tired, but fights sleep.  Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car for her nap, but then woke up 5 minutes after we got  to Pops and Grammy’s house.  Then at 4:30, she CONKED OUT as soon as we got back into the car to pick Russ up from school.  We tried to wake her up when we got home so she could eat dinner, but she just said, “no, I want to go lay down in my bed”  So she did, and she actually slept until 6:00 this morning with only a few very short wakings (once with her fever back up and in need of meds, once with a nightmare, once because she wanted to join me in my not-so-comfortable sleeping spot on the floor, and once because she was cold).  I’m surprised she slept so well considering, but I sure would have appreciated 11 hours of straight sleep myself.  Even though she slept so long, she was still tired all morning.  But even being so tired, she fought her nap HARD, but Russ won the battle and she is sleeping, hopefully for a long time and hopefully the end of phase three.

And I hope that there are no more phases to this plague – this horrible virus that was not the flu, or strep, or an ear infection according to yesterday’s dr. visit which including swabbing of the nose and throat. and a catheter.  poor Piglet.   The fact that this plague was untreatable was very unfortunate because Piglet is a bit of a hypochondriac and thinks that medicine and band-aids and ice packs and doctors can make everything better.  We got ready on Monday, and she said in her sad sick little voice, “I want to go to the doctor to make me feel better”.  Have you ever met a kid who liked going to the doctor?   Although I think after yesterday’s traumatic experience, she might be over the doctor.   I don’t think she would think that feeling better would be worth it.

PS – I kind of miss the sickness induced cuddle-to-nap moments that we had during Phases 1 and 2.  Does that make me a bad mom?