Back when it was winter, I could not wait for it to be Spring….to be able to go outside without a coat and gloves…to be able to get in my car in the morning without scraping ice off my windshield.  When Spring finally showed up, I thought “Spring is my favorite season!”  And we went outside every afternoon and played.  I pulled my flip flops back out.  Life was good.  But the love of Spring was quickly followed by the longing for summer and the kiddie pool in the back yard and THE BEACH.  Then when it was warm enough for the pool and the beach and the waterpark, I declared “Summer is my favorite season.”  But then it was hot, with temperatures over 100 for many many days, and I began to long for fall.  When fall arrived, I thought “Fall is surely my most favorite of seasons!”

I mean, with fall comes football, Taylor’s birthday, Halloween, and the fair.  It’s good times.

As fickle as I’ve been with the seasons, I am pretty sure fall is really my favorite season (I know I won’t long for winter).  We’ve had a lot of fun so far this fall.

We’ve had soccer games (Taylor played; Russ coached; I chased Caleb around the field)

Taylor rides her bike every afternoon – it’s getting hard to keep up with her now.

We play in the backyard almost every afternoon as well.  If we don’t, Caleb stands at the backdoor screaming and pointing.

Taylor LOVES doing homework.  If she doesn’t have any, I have to make some up.

And the best thing about fall:  we finally hung my hammock.

There is nothing better than swaying in the hammock while the kids play in the back yard on a crisp fall afternoon.  Nothing.


Watching the Women’s World Cup Finals

Taylor must dress appropriately for the occasion, so she put on her soccer jersey…so what if it’s a Honduras jersey or that Russ is wearing a French jersey (that he bought 10 years ago on our Maymester trip to Paris).  At least the right colors are represented.  During half time, they put on their cleats and went outside to play a little soccer – Russ is trying so hard to get Taylor to love soccer.  I think it’s working so far…that is until she sees a pretty flower that needs picking.

It’s a bummer that the US women lost – that would have been a much more fun memory for Taylor if she did in fact grow up to play soccer.  Maybe Caleb had the right idea about the game…I think he was trying to tell us that we should have been watching the British Open instead.

only a matter of time

Russ played soccer.  in elementary school.  in high school.  in college.  and even in one old man 6v6 league.  Taylor’s uncle Brian played soccer.  in elementary school.  in high school. in college.  and I think he may still play in an old man league.  Taylor’s cousins play soccer, beginning at “micro”.  So it was only a matter of time before she put on tiny pink shin guards and shiny tiny new cleats and her soccer jersey and joined in the family tradition.

We just have to keep reminding ourselves that this is her first season and she is the youngest on her team…all of her teammates have already played a season.  So all things considering, she’s doing just fine. right?

Look at her go!

Not bad for her first game.

SNACK = the best part of the game

Her Team Picture

her look says “I will take you OUT”

her playing says “I’d rather pick these flowers over here”

And you just have to see her in action (and I use the term “action” loosely)…please forgive the videoing skills at the end especially when I had to choose between filming Taylor or the “action”.  I particularly like the head bobble…Grammy says that’s how I used to run – I hope that doesn’t mean she has my lack of athleticism.