Today was yet another BEAUTIFUL Saturday, so we, of course, made the most of it…OUTSIDE.   We started out by hitting up the FREE eggstravaganza at the local park.  There were lots of exciting things going on, but also LOTS of people, so there was a line for everything.  But all in all, a fun hour.

There were bunnies and chicks and baby ducks!

There was a jump cage thing with a slide.  It took Piglet about 26 minutes to figure out how to get up to the slide, actually she never really figured it out, we asked this random big kid who was also inside the jump thing to give her a boost.  But she still had fun, despite the 26 minutes that Russ and I spent trying to figure out how to get her out without having to go in ourselves.

Because we were arrived too late for the egg hunt for her age group (it’s a huge park and we parked at the wrong end), we filled her basket with flowers instead of eggs.

We continued the EGGstravaganza by dying Easter eggs this afternoon.

ends well

My last post was all about how clean my life is…probably made people think bad thoughts about me – oh, look at me with my clean house and clean church.  BUT THEN.  I got a horrendous stomach bug Thursday night and in the  24 hour duration, our house went from clean and orderly to complete mess and nasty.  Really, that quickly. it was unbelievable.

But I did recover, even though I lost three pounds in that 24 hours.  BUT THEN we went to the Flowertown Festival today where funnel cake was consumed, prior to a big lunch.  Pretty sure those three pounds didn’t stay gone long.  (I don’t advise eating fair food within 12 hours of recovering from a stomach bug – my stomach was not ready for that).

But  even with the nasty bug and the nasty house, we had another awesome Saturday.

Piglet got her first taste of rides at the festival – she’s a big fan and kept wanting to get on the big kid rides.  I think she’s going to be a daredevil.  Just look at her face:

After fun at the festival with Pops and Grammy and a nap, we spent the afternoon in the yard because it was another can’t-stay-inside kind of days.  We were putting out pine straw and “our” cat came by for a visit.

and soccer was played

Watching father and daughter play soccer is probably one of my favorite things because 1)  Piglet laughs and squeals with pure delight, 2) Russ laughs and squeals with pure delight, and 3)  Piglet is actually pretty good (and so is Russ).

Flowertown Festival 2009

We decided to go to the annual festival early this morning, hoping to beat the crowds a bit since the bridge run would keep some folks away.   It was a good plan, there were crowds as far as the eye could see when we left.   Hard to navigate a stroller here:


It was fun though.  We saw some bagpipers, so Russ was really excited.    We wandered amidst the many artisan and fundraising booths.  Piglet got a balloon that kept her entertained for the two hours we were there.  We got a free lunch at 10:45 am with some congregational connections at the Kiwanis both.  Then we bought a $5 funnel cake with the money we saved.  But the highlight of the morning was our encounter with the giant McAlister’s Sweet Tea: our favorite faimly beverage.  Piglet’s first sweet tea was through one of those red straws, and now she always asks for her own.  And Russ will go up there just to get a galloon of tea – which he did this week, using exams as an excuse.  And I must say it is my weakness on a Sunday afternoon – have to have that sweet tea to keep me going between church and youth group.  So it was only fitting that we be that crazy family posing in front of the giant inflatable cup of sweet tea.


azalea park

Today was a beautiful day, so we decided that we had to spend some time outside.  There is a park nearby called Azalea Park.  Last time we went, I was pregnant and it was after the azaleas had bloomed – not so impressive.  But we thought since our azaleas were blooming, the ones at the park must be as well.  It was well worth the trip.   Piglet perfected the word “flower” and we spent lots of time practicing our colors out in nature.






All the pretty flowers and Piglet was most impressed by the worm.


I have gotten three days worth of posts out of Tuesday – it was a good day.

When I got home from my conference on Tuesday, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, so we decided to try out a playground that I had heard people talking about since the one in our neighborhood is pretty awful.   I’m so glad we went because it was the COOLEST PLAYGROUND EVER!  Really, I wish there was one like this back in my day.  So much to do, lots of places for the imagination to go wild and little feet to wear little bodies out.  There was even a special section just for little ones under five.  Of course, Piglet much preferred the big kid slides – she’s a daredevil.



notice her new kicks – they make her feet look HUGE.



Taking it easy after some seriously hard playing


I would also like to say that as a mom of a 17 month-old, I am a big fan of Springing Forward!  She is now sleeping almost 12 hours every night (knock on wood).  We tried keeping her up until 8:00 thinking we could keep her on her old time, but she kept getting so sleepy earlier and earlier.  So now, she’s going to bed at her old bedtime, playing around until 7:15ish, and sleeping until 7:15ish am….awesome!

I felt the earth move under my feet

When we bought our house 2 years ago, we were encouraged to buy earthquake insurance.  We didn’t really understand the need until we turned left out of our neighborhood one day to see that the very next street is called FAULT LINE ROAD.  great.  Aparently, this area is in fact on a fault line.  And aparently, there is a big huge earthquake every 200 years.  Aparently, the last one was in 1808.  great.

So this morning as I was enjoying a nice hot shower in my nice clean bathroom (I cleaned like a fiend yesterday), I heard/felt something akin to a large truck hitting our house.  I poked my head out of the shower to listen and look.  I didn’t hear or see anything, so I thought that maybe it was just the HVAC coming on – it was on the other side of the bathroom wall.  So I went back to showering.  Then my love runs into the bathroom carrying Piglet asking if I was ok.  So then I assumed that it was in fact not just the HVAC coming on.  So I finish and get out. 

My love had run outside and talked to our neighbor who said that it was an earthquake and that she used to live in California and that usually there is always an aftershock.  So my love is convinced that we all need to go stand outside until the aftershock comes.  I think this is silly and continue getting dressed.  He is a little flustered.

Then the radio people start talking about it – everyone is calling in to talk about it.  The radio people are also from California and act like Northerners who are hearing Southerners talke about snow.  You don’t get concerned about an earthquake until buildings start falling over.

But alas we did have an earthquake that registered 3.6 on the scale.  Fun Times.  I hope that all we get, I can do without the big huge earthquake that occurs every 200 years, thank you very much.


Folks around these parts were quite a’flutter today.  Tropical Storm Hanna was on her way.  I’m a little frustrated with the weather people because they could never seem to make up their minds about where Hanna was going to hit – or maybe it was just Hanna who couldn’t make up her mind.  So we weren’t worried, then we were, then we weren’t again…now it’s less harsh than a thunder storm where we are, but they are still interrupting regularly-scheduled-programming-already-in-progress every 30 minutes for a tropical storm update – Tropical Storm Warning, Hurrican Watch, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Watch, etc.

I was coming home from my parents house this morning (stayed to watch the USC game again) and I decided we better be safe and get some batteries.  So off to Wal-mart I went (in my pjs)…only to find a FULL parking lot – seriously, not a single space – it was like Christmas at the mall, except grocery carts were full of water and batteries and flashlights and canned food and beer instead of Christmas presents…well, I guess the beer could really apply to either situation.  So rather than circle around a few times, I went across the street to Target and there was hardly anyone there…weird.

So I figure Wal-mart must have stock in hurricanes because they really make a killin’ when one comes around or even threatens to come around in 4 days.  My mom said she went there on Tuesday and they were out of bottled water already, on TUESDAY!?  I’m also thinking that they have some crazy signal that sends people into panic mode and makes everyone feel the need to buy all these things…I myself even bought bottled water and several packs of batteries and a battery-powered radio “just in case”.  seriously.  I felt a little foolish because I wasn’t even that concerned, but once I was in the store, I couldn’t help myself. 

But if a real hurricane ever does strike, we are ready.  Just like a boy scout.