I felt the earth move under my feet

When we bought our house 2 years ago, we were encouraged to buy earthquake insurance.  We didn’t really understand the need until we turned left out of our neighborhood one day to see that the very next street is called FAULT LINE ROAD.  great.  Aparently, this area is in fact on a fault line.  And aparently, there is a big huge earthquake every 200 years.  Aparently, the last one was in 1808.  great.

So this morning as I was enjoying a nice hot shower in my nice clean bathroom (I cleaned like a fiend yesterday), I heard/felt something akin to a large truck hitting our house.  I poked my head out of the shower to listen and look.  I didn’t hear or see anything, so I thought that maybe it was just the HVAC coming on – it was on the other side of the bathroom wall.  So I went back to showering.  Then my love runs into the bathroom carrying Piglet asking if I was ok.  So then I assumed that it was in fact not just the HVAC coming on.  So I finish and get out. 

My love had run outside and talked to our neighbor who said that it was an earthquake and that she used to live in California and that usually there is always an aftershock.  So my love is convinced that we all need to go stand outside until the aftershock comes.  I think this is silly and continue getting dressed.  He is a little flustered.

Then the radio people start talking about it – everyone is calling in to talk about it.  The radio people are also from California and act like Northerners who are hearing Southerners talke about snow.  You don’t get concerned about an earthquake until buildings start falling over.

But alas we did have an earthquake that registered 3.6 on the scale.  Fun Times.  I hope that all we get, I can do without the big huge earthquake that occurs every 200 years, thank you very much.


Folks around these parts were quite a’flutter today.  Tropical Storm Hanna was on her way.  I’m a little frustrated with the weather people because they could never seem to make up their minds about where Hanna was going to hit – or maybe it was just Hanna who couldn’t make up her mind.  So we weren’t worried, then we were, then we weren’t again…now it’s less harsh than a thunder storm where we are, but they are still interrupting regularly-scheduled-programming-already-in-progress every 30 minutes for a tropical storm update – Tropical Storm Warning, Hurrican Watch, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Watch, etc.

I was coming home from my parents house this morning (stayed to watch the USC game again) and I decided we better be safe and get some batteries.  So off to Wal-mart I went (in my pjs)…only to find a FULL parking lot – seriously, not a single space – it was like Christmas at the mall, except grocery carts were full of water and batteries and flashlights and canned food and beer instead of Christmas presents…well, I guess the beer could really apply to either situation.  So rather than circle around a few times, I went across the street to Target and there was hardly anyone there…weird.

So I figure Wal-mart must have stock in hurricanes because they really make a killin’ when one comes around or even threatens to come around in 4 days.  My mom said she went there on Tuesday and they were out of bottled water already, on TUESDAY!?  I’m also thinking that they have some crazy signal that sends people into panic mode and makes everyone feel the need to buy all these things…I myself even bought bottled water and several packs of batteries and a battery-powered radio “just in case”.  seriously.  I felt a little foolish because I wasn’t even that concerned, but once I was in the store, I couldn’t help myself. 

But if a real hurricane ever does strike, we are ready.  Just like a boy scout.

bustin a sag

For 3 of 5 mornings this week, the radio people have been talking about guys wearing their pants too low and showing off their undergarments.  I’ve learned a lot of “history.”  Such as, supposedly, this sagging your pants fashion statement began in prison as inmates were indicating whether or not they were available.  And now, supposedly, this is an indication of gang involvement.  The later indication is aparently cause for concern for the county council so one man has set out on a mission to get rid of gangs once and for all…by making it illegal to wear your pants below the equator…good plan.

First of all, with all of the other problems in the county, why are they spending time and tax dollars on THIS issue?  Aparently, he even brought a mannequin to illustrate the problem.  seriously.  Now, I have to agree that bustin’ a sag (so I’ve learned it’s called) looks absolutely ridiculous, but is it really the government’s place to outlaw it?  The schools can set and enforce dress codes, and parents should have some say in what their children are wearing – but not the government.

And I understand the intent – to help control gangs, but really, this is the best you’ve got?!  I’m pretty sure that the people in the gangs will come up with another way to show their allegiance, if they even abided by the law.  Which I doubt since they don’t follow other laws.  The radio people said that this was basically an excuse for searches of people who look like they’re in a gang – “you there, yes, you, the one whose underwear I can see, you must be up to no good because you don’t know how to dress yourself…so I must search you for guns and drugs…and it’s legal because you are breaking the law just standing there with your bustin a sag self”  Really?

So if they are going to outlaw sagging pants, can they also outlaw Dixie pride clothing?  Because if you are wearing a confederate flag on your shirt, your truck, your phone, your shoes, AND your coat, then you must be racist, and therefore prone to be in the KKK and commit hate crimes.

And they should probably outlaw high boots, short skirts, and skimpy tops – because if you are wearing those then you MUST be a prostitute out looking for your next trick.  Surely you couldn’t be a college girl on your way to a fraternity/sorority mixer – because that never happens.

Farmer’s Market

We have lamented being away from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market near where we lived in ATL, but we have recently found a little farmer’s market on Saturdays right here.  It’s just a little outdoor market, nothing at all like the Dekalb market, but it definitely beats the grocery store.  Vendors set up tents on one of the downtown streets that gets closed off for the morning.

We got up early (well Piglet got up early, we just decided to get dressed and moving rather than veg all morning), and decided to head down there.  We keep forgetting it’s there, or we wait too late and it’s too hot to take Piglet.  But today we went (our second trip) – we had a list of vegetables and fruits that we wanted to get.  It was very nice – it wasn’t a hot day – we just strolled around.  Piglet loved having lots of stuff to look at – especially the dogs that were joining in the fun.  Everyone said hello to her, and she would wave and say “byebye” – for her it’s like aloha – it can go either way.

I feel really good about going to the market.  We got to spend some quality family time.  We are eating healthy.  We supported the local farmers.  We bought organic produce.  AND we saved money.   And we got out of the house before noon on a Saturday! And we got some mighty tastey boiled p-nuts.  And stone grond grits – this man was grinding it right there…pretty cool, we couldn’t pass that up! 

Now we just have to get moving every Saturday – it would be a good tradition.


lest you think your eyes deceive you, that IS a cross made with little American flags


a post is mulling over, I’m still a little in shock, 

             so for now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves