bustin a sag

For 3 of 5 mornings this week, the radio people have been talking about guys wearing their pants too low and showing off their undergarments.  I’ve learned a lot of “history.”  Such as, supposedly, this sagging your pants fashion statement began in prison as inmates were indicating whether or not they were available.  And now, supposedly, this is an indication of gang involvement.  The later indication is aparently cause for concern for the county council so one man has set out on a mission to get rid of gangs once and for all…by making it illegal to wear your pants below the equator…good plan.

First of all, with all of the other problems in the county, why are they spending time and tax dollars on THIS issue?  Aparently, he even brought a mannequin to illustrate the problem.  seriously.  Now, I have to agree that bustin’ a sag (so I’ve learned it’s called) looks absolutely ridiculous, but is it really the government’s place to outlaw it?  The schools can set and enforce dress codes, and parents should have some say in what their children are wearing – but not the government.

And I understand the intent – to help control gangs, but really, this is the best you’ve got?!  I’m pretty sure that the people in the gangs will come up with another way to show their allegiance, if they even abided by the law.  Which I doubt since they don’t follow other laws.  The radio people said that this was basically an excuse for searches of people who look like they’re in a gang – “you there, yes, you, the one whose underwear I can see, you must be up to no good because you don’t know how to dress yourself…so I must search you for guns and drugs…and it’s legal because you are breaking the law just standing there with your bustin a sag self”  Really?

So if they are going to outlaw sagging pants, can they also outlaw Dixie pride clothing?  Because if you are wearing a confederate flag on your shirt, your truck, your phone, your shoes, AND your coat, then you must be racist, and therefore prone to be in the KKK and commit hate crimes.

And they should probably outlaw high boots, short skirts, and skimpy tops – because if you are wearing those then you MUST be a prostitute out looking for your next trick.  Surely you couldn’t be a college girl on your way to a fraternity/sorority mixer – because that never happens.

Farmer’s Market

We have lamented being away from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market near where we lived in ATL, but we have recently found a little farmer’s market on Saturdays right here.  It’s just a little outdoor market, nothing at all like the Dekalb market, but it definitely beats the grocery store.  Vendors set up tents on one of the downtown streets that gets closed off for the morning.

We got up early (well Piglet got up early, we just decided to get dressed and moving rather than veg all morning), and decided to head down there.  We keep forgetting it’s there, or we wait too late and it’s too hot to take Piglet.  But today we went (our second trip) – we had a list of vegetables and fruits that we wanted to get.  It was very nice – it wasn’t a hot day – we just strolled around.  Piglet loved having lots of stuff to look at – especially the dogs that were joining in the fun.  Everyone said hello to her, and she would wave and say “byebye” – for her it’s like aloha – it can go either way.

I feel really good about going to the market.  We got to spend some quality family time.  We are eating healthy.  We supported the local farmers.  We bought organic produce.  AND we saved money.   And we got out of the house before noon on a Saturday! And we got some mighty tastey boiled p-nuts.  And stone grond grits – this man was grinding it right there…pretty cool, we couldn’t pass that up! 

Now we just have to get moving every Saturday – it would be a good tradition.


lest you think your eyes deceive you, that IS a cross made with little American flags


a post is mulling over, I’m still a little in shock, 

             so for now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

did you know?

I have gained a plethora of knowledge this weekend.  It began with watching YouTube on Friday night – I couldn’t get my head around this pregnant man thing – so I watched the clips from the Oprah show.  And the biology of the pregnany isn’t noteworthy – this is a transgendered person, born a woman, became a man, who opted to keep the womb in tact.  BUT the most fascinating thing was that HE GREW A PENIS – just from taking testosterone and had sex with his wife.  I still can’t wrap my head around that one, I guess my love will have to investigate that in medical school and get back to me.  But the discussion about this with my ENTIRE family on the way to dinner was quite interesting… and awkward.

Then, today I went to the town’s fair/festival thing.  I thought it was going to be a dinky sort of thing, much like Fesitfun in Fort Mill (for my high school peeps).  But NO, it was amazing – they estimate that over the three days, there were 200,000 people who came.  I walked around with my mouth open most of the time…how did we miss this last year?  It was people and booths as far as the eye could see and the nose could smell.  There were crafts, free stuff, raffles, rides, a weird (really bad) liturgical dance at the conservative Christian church booth, face painting, balloons, sand art, games and prizes.  The only thing we didn’t find was gator on a stick – for some reason this is what my dad and brother-in-law wanted.  But our real mission was to find funnel cake…I love that stuff.   Did you know they make deep fried oreos?!  Sounds digusting, but it’s basically an oreo inside a funnel cake – mmmm.  Did you know that I can eat a hot dog the size of my head, a funnel cake, and a deep fried oreo around 3:00 pm, then still come to a family night supper at church at 5:30 and eat soup and ice cream?  I can…and I don’t even feel sick – but I may die tomorrow.

After the festival, we came home, rested, then back to church for a dinner and discussion about Latin American ministries in our area.  The idea was that we could have a nesting congregation using our space.  We had the new Presbytery Associate for Latin American Ministries come and speak.  Did you know that the US has the 4th largest population of Spanish-speaking people in the world (behind Spain, Mexico, and Argentina – with 44 million people)?  Did you know that the state of SC has the 4th largest population of Spanish-speaking people in the US (behind CA, TX, and FL)?  I had no idea.  So as great as it is to GO and do mission with Latin American countries, there are so many people in our own community – why not do mission here?!  So I’m not really sure how this is going to pan out in our church, because people would have to really get gung-ho about doing something – and I just don’t know if we’re in the right place to be doing that right now (with pastor of 33 years retiring and all the transition that will be taking place).

It’s Sunday evening, and my heads still spinning – I mean all this AND the New Kids reuniting – really?!  I feel like I need to channel Joey from Blossom – WHOA!



List #16

Last  night had many unexpected events…here is how it all unfolded:

  1. 4:30 pm: Piglet was approaching unhappy hour and was needing a nap, so we get in the car to run some errands hoping she’ll fall asleep.  She does, so we first take our old dishwasher to the dump – it had been sitting in our side yard for 2 months – our neighbors LOVE us.
  2. Then (since we got a Wii) we went to Target (I know I’m a sell out – sold my soul to the devil – see #6 of list #14) to look at Wii accessories.  We bought a game that came with another controller for only $10 more than the controller cost by itself – woo-hoo.  Plus I had a $5 off coupon and a $20 gift card –  at least I only sell my soul for a good deal.
  3. Then we decided to go to Best Buy to see what other games they have because the Target selection was no so great.  We stand there in the Wii ailse trying to justify our purchases.  “We didn’t get each other Christmas or Birthday or Valentine’s presents this year to save money – this could count as all our gifts for 2008”  “This is a ministry tool – the youth will surely want to play at our house”  “There is a surgery game that will help my love in medical school”  “Or even without that game, most surgeries are done laproscopically, so my love needs to be able to play video games well for that hand eye coordination”  “We are probably going to get it all eventually, we may as well get it now so we can enjoy it”  So with my heart pounding – seriously – we walk to the check out with Trauma Center and Guitar Hero.  We NEVER buy frivolous things – this was a rare treat, so it felt so wrong, but so right.
  4. 5:30 pm:  Then we sat in the car so I could feed Piglet – we spend more time in parking lots than I ever thought we would.
  5. Then off to dinner at a pizza place – yummo
  6. Then to the grocery store
  7. 6:45 pm: Then home – we heard that there was bad weather so we turn on the radio – we don’t get local TV channels.  I go about my business, paying bills online, checking on the blog stats, reading other people’s blogs, checking facebook…good times.
  8. We put Piglet in her swing and she took another good nap.
  9. 8:00 pm:  Then my love yells from the other room – STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND COME HERE, sending me in panic mode – there is a tornado warning for our area.
  10. So I get all the flashlights and batteries and take them to the hall bath – no windows there, so it’s the safest place.
  11. Then we set up the radio and laptop in the bathroom so we can watch the live doppler and hear the latest reports.
  12. Then I get the mattress out of Piglet’s crib so I put it over us in the bathtub should we hear that train-like noise people say they hear when a tornado’s a’comin’
  13. Then I get diapers, and blankets, and toys that Piglet likes.
  14. Then she gets hungry, so I feed her on the toilet – no, I wasn’t going, that was just the only place to sit.
  15. The radio people keep making things sound worse and worse.  A tornado touched down 20 minutes from us.  Trees down everywhere.  There are systems like you only see in Oklahoma.  GET OUT OF YOUR MOBILE HOMES.
  16. So there we sit, the three of us, in the bathroom.  We shut all of the bedroom doors so that we were not close to any windows.  We keep listening to the radio, watching the live doppler, and listening outside for that train-like sound.
  17. 9:00 pm: Then it’s time for Piglet to go to bed, so I get the Moses basket that she hasn’t slept in since she was a month old and put it in the hallway to put her to sleep in.  Remember her mattress is ready to be our cover, plus her crib is right by the window.
  18. 9:45 pm:  Then things seem to settle down a bit….we get everything ready in the bathroom just in case…Piglet is asleep in the hallway away from any windows, and in the moses basket so we can move her easily without waking her.
  19. Then we open a bottle of wine and play some Wii. 
  20. No tornado – good times – crisis averted.
  21. 11:15 pm:  Even though the Wii is super fun and I need LOTS of practice on the guitar hero before I can go on tour, I knew that today was going to be a long day, so to bed I went.

this is a funny place

Today is a nasty rainy Monday after yet another long busy Sunday, I have a headache and I am sore from yesterday, so I’m cheating and posting a myspace blog from when I first moved here…funny to look back…

So I was born in South Carolina and lived here 14 of my 25 years, but moving back after living in Decatur/Atlanta GA…I have realized just how special it really is.

First of all, I never thought that I would miss Atlanta because of the traffic and the yankees and rude people and being so far from home, but it does have some advantages.  Of course there are the many friends I will miss, that should go without saying.  But what I miss that I didn’t expect are things like no smoking in all restaurants, people having to wear helmets on motorcycles, emissions testing for all vehicles, the diversity of cultures, and the international farmer’s market…South Carolina is so backwards in so many ways.

And to go with the backwards theme, I am working at a lovely church with wonderful people, but no sense of the year 2006.  I don’t have internet in my office.  The pastor doesn’t even use a computer.  The secretary is the only one who has internet, but it is painfully slow most of the time.  And my favorite…there is no voicemail, so if you want to call me, you have to call while I am actually in the office.

And now the funniest things about small town South Carolina.  I am temporarily living in a very nice cabin on the Edisto River that is about 25 minutes from anywhere.  It is next to a swap, but I haven’t seen any alligators yet.  On my drive into work everyday, I have noticed the many advantages there are to living in rural SC.  You can buy chainsaw art at not one, but two locations.  You can go to a dog sale, it might only be for this Saturday though.  You can buy hay, and whatever bait and tackle you might need.  You can get your venison processed right down the street.  And you can have your pick of 10 baptist churches, my favorite is “Pine Street Baptist Church #2”  I don’t know where #1 is, but it might not be a bad place either.  And even though you might have to drive a ways to get to a real restaurant, there is a liqour store and a kareoke bar around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SC, and I wouldn’t trade living here for anything…but you have to admit…it is a funny place.

UPDATE – In the past 19 months, I have turned 26, bought a house, renovated that house, got ordained, had a baby,…and I have single-handedly brought the church into the year 2008 (almost).  Not only do I have internet in my office, but it’s high-speed internet, and it’s wireless, which comes in really handy for class and youth discussions; the pastor is taking computer classes where he is learning about typing, the internet, and this crazy thing called facebook that kids these days are using; we can record worship services (on CDs no less); and we have voicemail.

i’m going to wash your mouth out with soap

today, i was loading groceries into my car and i saw another mother nearby loading groceries and a toddler into her car.  she also had a daughter – about 5 years old – who was standing by the car teary-eyed.  the mother seemed sane enough – until she closed the door with her toddler inside and commenced yelling at her daughter, and by yelling, i mean cussing out.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  she stood there in the parking lot, not ashamed, yelling “you do not act like in the grocery store – get your ass in your carseat, and when we get home, you are going straight to your room.”  is it just me, or do ass and carseat not belong in the same sentence anyway, but especially when talking to a 5 yr old?  stellar parenting.

and this isn’t the first time this happened…a few months ago – in the same grocery store parking lot – i promise this is actually a nice part of town and a nice grocery store – i saw a woman yank a toddler up by his arm and drop the f-bomb while yelling at him.  I had just found out i was pregnant, and the idealistic new mother in me wanted to stop the woman in her tracks and give her a piece of my mind…but she was a large mean-looking woman, so for the safety of my baby i opted not to.  really people, is that the norm now?  my mom never even cussed in front of me, certainly not AT me.  she would call people “hockey turds” who cut her off in traffic, and my sister and i would laugh at her.  the first time i heard her say the word shit, i was in shock, and i was in high school!

and a brief aside – this doesn’t have to do with parenting, but cussing – last week i was at walmart and i heard this lady angrily cussing and flailing about – she was spittin’ mad.  i figured someone had cut her off or looked at her funny….then i hear, “that’s right bird, don’t you f’in come near me”  hahahahaha – one flew over the cookoo’s nest – seriously, this went on for several minutes.  i started laughing out loud and then called my love so that people wouldn’t think i was the crazy lady who laughs to herself.