cheating on Thanksgiving

I am usually a stickler for not rushing into Christmas:  No shopping, no decorating, no Christmas music, etc until after Thanksgiving.  But this evening, we cheated and went to the James Island County Park Festival of Lights early to avoid the massive crowds.  We even turned on the Christmas music while we toured.

It’s a really neat park.  You drive through several miles of light displays.   We were going slow enough that Piglet just sat in my lap so she could see the lights better.  She got so excited and kept saying “Look Daddy” whenever she saw one she really liked.  I think our mutual favorite was the bridge that morphed from the old bridge to the new bridge.

The pictures would be better if I had a nicer camera, but what are you going to do? (hint, hint)  In addition to the lights, there was also a train to ride.  Piglet also thought this was super cool, and we actually got a family photo, which is a rare treat.

Then there was a carousel, which caused Piglet to laugh out loud with pure delight.  Of course in this picture, she is not laughing, but telling me something that I’m sure is very important.

There was also funnel cake and other attractions that were for big kids only – like the rock climbing wall.   Piglet and I watched some big boys climb the wall while Russ waited for our funnel cake.  When it was time to go get our funnel cake, I said to Piglet, “Where is daddy?”  And she began RUNNING around YELLING, “Russ B***der, Russ B***der, where are you?” until we found him.

Once we were reunited it was time to go, so Piglet said “Goodbye Christmas lights”

3 Responses

  1. Pops and I need to go…wanna go again? Did Piglet tell you we met a couple at Hardee’s that comes down every year to help host at the Festival of Lights? The husband was really taken with Piglet and she enjoyed talking to them as well.

    • I am sure that Piglet explained in detail about the nice man at Hardee’s who helps with the Festival of Lights 🙂 Just like she was able to talk about this weekend in detail by telling Dorothy that “Kathryn take a shower.”

      I am glad y’all had fun! Can’t wait to see you Saturday 🙂

      • Funny…I didn’t hear about “Kathryn take a shower”….how cute…I can’t wait to hear conversations between Piglet and her little cousin….we’ll have to come up with a cute nickname for her:-)…

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